Today wedding – this is not a story of lovers, and a separate love story. And in addition to flowers, household items and other gifts it is customary to give a wedding book in which each guest can write their congratulations or a wish for the wedding (if you have no ideas, check out our issue brief).

How to make a book of wishes for the wedding: photos

Whether you are giving yourself wedding book of wishes friends, newlyweds, or give this book to you, and maybe you are preparing a surprise for the guests – you always want to make this gift special. Here are some ideas to design a wedding book of wishes with his hands.

Prepare the final version

If you are familiar with the art of scrapbooking, you can buy a simple book or an album for the wishes with the minimum of details, and decorate them to your taste. A good option would be a rigid cardboard paper folder, which should fill the right amount of dense leaves.

For example, the cover of the book can be not only cardboard but also cloth. Felt, jeans, leather – covered before the book yourself, ask for tastes of lovers. If the book you are preparing is not a gift, but for the guests at my own wedding – its design must match the overall style of the celebration.

Satin bows or just gently glued ribbon along with beaded appliqués will make a luxurious composition, worthy to decorate the most original wedding book of wishes.

Apart from satin, you can use other gentle or original fabric wedding theme – silk, brocade, organza, chiffon, and even crepe. A great addition to such tissue will be pearls, or feathers – they can decorate not only the book, but a pen.

One of the main attributes of a wedding are the wedding rings. They can become a highlight in the design wish book for the wedding with their hands.

To emphasize the tenderness of the feelings of the bride and groom, a book you can decorate with rose petals or small flowers.

Original wedding must-have and an unusual book. You can decorate it in a nautical style, if your wedding will take place on the beach, or make a retro album.

Another unique idea for the wedding book of wishes with his own hands – black white and special paper handle. This book will be unforgettable and very bright addition to the wedding. Put on each sheet of the photo in love couple – and your guests will not be able to refrain from writing emotional wishes!

Wedding tree wishes

Tree of wishes for a wedding – it is fashionable and original. And to make the wedding tree with their hands is easy. It can be three-dimensional sculpture, painted on a large canvas, gouache, comprised of picture frames with attached wishes – your imagination will tell you what will be a masterpiece.

Bulk wedding tree

If you do not want to spend the time to produce the tree from the beginning, you can get it for a gift or wedding store and add desired details.

In addition, as the Foundation can be used dry branch durable trees instead of leaves guests attached to any branch of leaves with their wishes and congratulations. This tree looks very romantic, especially if the paper wishes carved in the shape of hearts.

The size of the tree depends only on your imagination – it can be small to fit on the wedding table, or decorating the hall in your new home.

One of the most creative options is the tree, embroidered on the canvas. Guests write their wishes on notes and attach them to a cloth – believed in a new family will always be prosperity. To decorate this wedding tree you can also use coins and gold products.

Drawn wedding tree

When wedding toast, the memory will remain only fragments of the most interesting congratulations. And to the couple had the opportunity to read the nice words in your address, you should care about creating paintings with fingerprints of guests, arranged in the form of leaves on branches drawn wedding tree. Each print should be kept short wish, it may consist of one or two words, such as: love, enviable prosperity, obedient son, comfort and so on.

Here is a cute wedding tree with the wishes of the will. It can be placed in a frame and decorate a room.

Wedding wishes tree can be decorated with leaves not only with congratulations but also complemented with pearls, satin bows, and even dressed in the veil of the bride. In addition, you can do two trees – one for friends of the groom (in blue color according to the tradition), the second (e.g., in pink) and friends of the bride. On such trees the lovers can leave greetings to each other.

As you can see, to make a book, or tree of wishes on the wedding, you don't have to have great talents. All you need is paper, paint, fabric, pearls and other desirable details of which will be created a real unique masterpiece.

Well, if you were invited as a guest on the anniversary, you can learn one of our wedding toasts for the wedding anniversary of friends.