Wedding is one of the brightest and significant events in the life of every person. And of course, every couple wants to bring the joy and warmth of this unique day through the years. The tradition to celebrate a wedding anniversary, as one of the most important family holidays, originated a very long time. What wedding anniversary there and will be discussed in our article.

Wedding anniversary: what is the name of the event, the first 10 years of marriage

Surely you have heard about anniversary anniversaries: silver or Golden wedding. But not everyone knows that almost each anniversary has a name. For example, the date of marriage is called a green wedding. The name symbolizes youth, freshness and purity of a young married couple.

How to plan a wedding: ideas to organize the wedding ceremony
The organization of the wedding ceremony, though troublesome, but pleasant experience. Particularly if the preparation of the wedding to come up with a fantasy and “twinkle”. You can learn about wedding customs, without which it is impossible to imagine a traditional Russian wedding. In our article you will find ideas for creative wedding ceremony.

Cotton (gauze) wedding is celebrated after the first year of married life. The name of this anniversary symbolizes also equally fragile marriage, as this fabric. Guests invited to this feast, give spouses the cotton products: handkerchiefs, aprons, linens.

Paper wedding celebrated second anniversary. Still the relations of the spouses is still very fragile and can tear like paper. On this anniversary, guests give paper a couple of Arsenal gifts. It can be books, calendars, photo albums, pictures.

Leather wedding celebrated after 3 years of marriage. Relationship in a young family is much stronger, they are not so easy to break, but they are still very changeable, as the symbol of this wedding is the skin. Guests at the leather wedding spouses can give leather wallets, belts, folders, bags, etc.

Wax or linen wedding comes 4 years later. This anniversary symbolizes the concern for the material well-being of a young family. Therefore the linen garments, as a symbol of prosperity, guests are presented with a gift to spouses. It can be linen tablecloths, napkins, bedspreads. A mandatory attribute of this holiday are considered to be wax candles.

Wooden wedding – the first "round" anniversary. It is celebrated on the fifth anniversary of married life. The tree, as well as relations of the spouses during this period, it is something strong, solid, but still can not resist the fire family quarrels. To donate to wooden wedding should, of course, products of wood: caskets, spoons, furniture, jewelry.

Cast iron wedding is celebrated in 6 years. Cast iron is a symbol of home, so this day to give spouses a cast-iron items such as pots, pans or even the fender.

Copper wedding – 7 years. Copper – a symbol of family strength, beauty and prosperity. On this anniversary, you can give a couple copper coins, candlesticks, decorative figurines, dishes, etc.

Tin wedding celebrated in 8 years. Relations between spouses became much stronger and metal, symbolizing this anniversary is also stronger than the previous one. But at the same time this metal is flexible enough that symbolizes the ability of the spouses to yield to each other. Guests can donate a pair of tin trays, bakeware, appliances.

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Porcelain wedding is celebrated for 9 year. According to one version, this name symbolizes the strength of family relations, which are similar to strong tea, served in a beautiful earthenware bowl. On this anniversary, you can give sets, dinnerware sets, crystal glassware.

Pink (tin) wedding celebrated a decade of marriage. On this day husband gives his wife a bouquet that will remind her about the wedding bouquet. On this wedding give roses as a symbol that the love of spouses is not afraid neither spikes nor barriers. And in addition, guests can donate a pair of tin Souvenirs or useful things for the home and garden.

Wedding anniversary: what are the names of the anniversary after 10 years of marriage

Steel wedding marks the beginning of a new decade of married life. It is celebrated for 11 year. Relationships in the family are just as strong as hardened steel. Guests give to spouses of stainless steel products that are useful in agriculture.

Nickel wedding is celebrated after 12 years. This anniversary reminds spouses about the need to "Shine" in the relationship. Guests give spouses the articles of Nickel jewelry.

Lace (Lily of the valley) wedding 13 years of marriage. Delicate, fragile lilies of the valley are not for nothing the symbol of this anniversary. Family relations are as bright and sophisticated as these spring flowers. And delicate lace to symbolize the high art of building family relationships and the tremendous work invested in them. Therefore, lace wedding guests give spouses the lace is made of fine wool, for example, napkins or tablecloths.

Agate wedding is celebrated in 14 years. This is the first "precious" wedding anniversary. Relations between spouses similar to agate: every year they find new and new paint. Guests give this day the product of agate or ivory.

Glass (crystal wedding) is celebrated on the fifteenth anniversary of family life. Glass symbolizes purity and transparency of relations between the spouses, it is as fragile as true love. On this anniversary, decided to give glass and crystal products.

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Turquoise wedding celebrated in 18 years. The symbol of this anniversary is turquoise. She's as bright as the relations of the spouses who have been through all the trials almost two decades of marriage.

Porcelain wedding – 20 years lived in marriage. Porcelain is more valuable than earthenware, and symbolizes the increasing income of the family. In addition, it is believed that the stocks of chinaware in the family is exhausted and must be replenished. On this day, a festive table will be served with new crockery, and guests present spouses beautiful porcelain cups, saucers, dinner sets.

Opal wedding – 21.

Bronze wedding 22 years.

Beryl wedding 23 years.

Satin wedding 24th wedding anniversary.

The meaning of the names of these wedding anniversaries does not contain any data, but the titles will prompt guests what to give to the spouses on that day.

Silver wedding – this is a "serious" anniversary. The couple lived together for 25 years. This day is celebrated with friends and relatives who give a couple of silver jewelry or. And spouses on this day to exchange silver rings and wear them all the jubilee year together with wedding rings.

Jade wedding is celebrated after 26 years.

Wedding mahogany – twenty-seventh anniversary.

Velvet wedding is celebrated after 29 years from the day of the wedding.

The meaning of the names of these wedding anniversaries does not contain any data, but the titles will prompt guests what to give to the spouses on that day.

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Pearl wedding is celebrated after 30 years. The symbol of this anniversary is the pearl, which represents purity and perfection of the marital relationship. Pearl wedding the husband gives his wife a necklace of 30 of these gems in a sign that he is sorry for all the wrongs and troubles that are left in the past. Guests can give spouses the product is decorated with pearls.

Swarthy wedding - after 31 years of married life.

Amber wedding is celebrated after 34 years of living together. Amber, the symbol of this wedding is as aged as the relationship of the spouses. Guests give a pair of amber.

Coral (linen) wedding is celebrated after 35 years. Corals represent health, long married life, and a linen tablecloth – peace, comfort and well-being. As gifts for this anniversary, you can present jewelry of red coral, white tablecloths, bedspreads, doilies.

A muslin wedding is celebrated after 37 years of marital life.

Mercury wedding - 38 years.

Forty wedding - 39 years.

Ruby wedding forty-year anniversary of marriage. Red ruby reminds the spouses of the fire of passion they felt, marriage, and symbolizes the relationship of the spouses, became blood.

For a Topaz wedding anniversary, which marked 44 years since the wedding, guests usually give the spouses of the product, decorated with Topaz.

Sapphire (red), the wedding being celebrated on sorokapyatiletnyaya life together. Guests on this anniversary invite faithful friends of the family who were there all these past years.

Lavender wedding – after 46 years. Lavender, as the marriage relationship is able to withstand any calamities and adversities. Spouses give a bouquet of lavender and its fragrance persists for a long time in the house of the couple.

Cashmere (wool) wedding is celebrated 47 years after the marriage. Cashmere symbolizes comfort, warmth and reliability relations of spouses for all these years. Guests give a pair of woollen or cashmere clothes, a warm woolen blanket.

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Amethyst wedding comes after 48 years of marriage. Amethyst symbolizes honesty and clarity of intentions, so my husband gives wife a jewelry with this stone as a token of his loyalty and honesty. Cedar wedding is celebrated after 49 years. Cedar is durable and reliable, as well as spousal relationship for a long life together. Guests can donate a pair of carved wooden items, for example, caskets, jewelry.

Golden wedding – fifty years, lived together! This is a rare event, so celebrated very solemnly. Jubilees invite all relatives, friends and colleagues. On this day, engagement rings are replaced with new spouses, and many couples even spend repeated ceremony of wedding. Guests give a pair of gold jewelry or inlaid with gold.

Emerald wedding is celebrated after 55 years of marriage. The bright green color of emerald symbolizes equally vivid feelings, which haven't cooled down over the years.

Diamond (diamond) wedding is celebrated on the sixtieth anniversary of the marriage. As there is nothing in the world harder than diamond, so there is nothing stronger than the relationship between spouses, celebrating this anniversary.

Iron wedding is celebrated after 65 years of living in marriage. Family ties over the years, become as hard as iron. On this anniversary, decided to give openwork iron stand or Souvenirs made from iron.

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Fertile (grateful) wedding 70 years of marriage. In this anniversary wife thank God for giving them wise and long love.

Crown wedding – it's been 75 years of married life. This anniversary is also called the second diamond wedding anniversary. Just as the crowned head and crown wedding crowns all the spouses lived years.

Oak wedding - after 80 years of marriage. Oak is a symbol of hardness and longevity, which is why it symbolizes this rare anniversary.

The red wedding is celebrated in the centenary year of marriage. Known so far only one case of this anniversary. Wife Ageeva from Azerbaijan, which are the only centenary anniversary, proposed a similar name. Those lucky enough to live together for a century, congratulations just.