Receiving gifts is nice, but to give them nicer — twice! If you want to please your loved one but do not know what gift to give, then stop your choice on the stylish lingerie. Among the main advantages of this original gift — practicality and undeniable benefit. Agree that comfortable pajamas, branded tights or lace underwear will not be superfluous even in the wardrobe of the sophisticated fashionista. But to be 200% sure that you chosen linen like select gift from a wide range of products online store VivaCalze. In the catalog VivaCalze only the most stylish models from the best European manufacturers. All products meet high quality standards and reflects the main tendencies in the world of luxury lingerie.

Pajamas or underwear: which gift to choose?

Of course, the main criterion in the choice of such an intimate gift like lingerie garments, — the closeness of your relationship. To give a lace gown a female colleague, even on the Day of birth, at least inappropriate, if not indecent. What is there to say about underwear. Therefore, when choosing a gift sure to consider professional etiquette and other nuances of your relationship with the donee. Thus, according to the same rules of etiquette clothing can give only to relatives or very close friends. So pajamas or nightgown will fit as a present for mom, sister or best friend. Underwear is preferable to give to his girlfriend and wife as the gift demonstrates the closeness of your relationship. But tights and stockings you can give and acquaintances. The only caveat is to give the tights can only be woman to woman.

How to choose the right garments linen

So, with the future gift you have decided, it only remains to know about the nuances of his choice. This will help you our advice and recommendations.

If you decide to give to your dearest pajamas or nightgown, you may prefer underwear made of natural fabrics. For good rest and sound sleep is very important to avoid discomfort and the skin could breathe. Before purchasing pajamas is better to check the size, since garments underwear should be loose fit. As for color, you may prefer a calm pastel tones, that will promote total relaxation and healthy rest. For example, a great gift would be an elegant babydoll or comfortable silk pajamas from the Italian brand Mia-Mia, is known worldwide for its exquisite style and high quality. By the way, the luxurious products of Mia-Mia in a large assortment presented in the online store VivaCalze .

Choosing tights or stockings as a gift, gently find out the size of woman for whom they are intended. Now is the winter. Cold. I plan to give warm tights? Then give preference to models, made of microfiber or a mixture of microfiber and wool. For example, dense but at the same time soft and pleasant to the touch warm model have with brands are Levante, Filodoro, Omsa, any of which can be quickly and easily ordered on We also recommend you to pay attention to tights Falke luxury brands, Max Mara, Omero and Oroblu. Not every woman can afford to buy for everyday wear, but on the "exit" would gladly have put. Keep in mind when choosing a gift.

Well, if you want to please the woman he loves beautiful clothes, but not sure you will be able to please gift, do not worry. Specially for such cases in the online store VivaCalze have the option of purchasing a gift card, which has a certain amount of money for purchases on the website. Using this map, your sweetheart will be able to choose any gift from a wide range of products online store VivaCalze.