A gift to colleagues is able to demonstrate your disposition and interest. Presenters with business symbols will unite the collective even more. Today we present the TOP of the best, useful and pleasant, gifts for colleagues.

VIP gifts for women

Women more than men appreciate the combination of practicality and beauty, so special attention should be paid to the appearance and quality of the product.

Today, the framework for photographs becomes an independent subject of the interior. American company L'OBJET creates works of art: the basis is the natural leather, on top of which there are quaint patterns of braid, brass or Swarovski crystals. Such a frame is appropriate to look both in the office and on the mantelpiece.

Cost: from 14 to 20,000 rubles.

An exquisite statuette is capable not only to transform the interior, but also to demonstrate your attitude towards the person to whom the gift is intended. So, for example, the elephant symbolizes the will to win and strength, and the owl - wisdom, and the horse and the dolphin bring luck in business. Figurines Haviland - handiwork of masters from Limoges. They perform their creations from white and black porcelain, artfully color them.

A statuette of a panther made of biscuit porcelain will cost 38,000 rubles each.


The table lamp will immediately make the office more cozy and give it a unique style. If your colleague prefers natural materials and natural shades, then give her the author's lamp-tree (Valis gallery), lovers of minimalism and hi-tech will like the metal lamp Romeo Moon T.

Lamp-tree – 80000рублей (4), the Romeo Moon T – 66 000.

VIP gifts for men

Representatives of the stronger sex appreciate quality accessories: umbrellas, handles, vanity cases, etc. The gift should be solid and expensive, emphasizing the status of the owner.

Pens and lighters

The company S. T. Dupont has been manufacturing leather products, writing objects and lighters for 40 years, which are associated with wealth and success. When creating handles Dupont uses Chinese lacquer, hand-polished Gas lighters due to their filigree finish can be called works of jewelry.

Fountain pen S.T.Dupont - 40000 rubles (6); flint lighter - 50,000 rubles.

Desktop organizers

With a desktop organizer, the table immediately looks more well-groomed and representative. Business-class kits are made of leather and wood, marble or obsidian, and metal, suede, glass and crystal are used for decoration.

Set price is 38000 rubles.


If a colleague or boss is fond of collecting elite alcohol, then give him a globe-bar. It will be appropriate to look in the office, library or living room. The bar can be desktop, mounted in a serving table or refrigerator or high, standing on its own legs. Depending on the material, it will cost you between 11 and 100,000 rubles.