On the eve of Valentine's day Swatch has pleased fans themed clock Tender PresentGZ300. The slogan of the advertising campaign, Swatch Valentines 2016 – "I always want more love!" accurately describes the design of the model GZ300. Concise silver case and bracelet molded white plastic accent on the dial.

Advertising photo Tender GZ300 Present on the official website Swatch

There, under the transparent cover organic glass, ticking clock heart. The window does not hide the internal structure of the chronograph, all the details painted in bright colors of fuchsia, lilac and purple.

To watch the incessant movement of parts of the mechanism – very exciting

The symbolism of the hours"Valentine" emphasizes the starter wheel, made in the form of red hearts, which drives the whole mechanism. The call for careful handling, embossed on underside of strap, also carries a double meaning.

Watch Tender Present – stylish gift for the sweetheart

Watch Tender present promise to be a popular model – in addition to the pleasant design and original ideas, their merits are a reliable quartz movement, water resistant to three atmospheres and two-year international warranty Swatch.

Packaging design Swatch Tender Present – at height: red hard case is enclosed in a transparent branded case decorated hearts