A new limited edition of Yves Saint Laurent perfume consisting of five unisex fragrances. Each of them is dedicated to the legendary garment, many times presented in the collections of the brand. Spicy Tuxedo envelops with a dry haze of coriander, black pepper and patchouli, slightly sweetened with notes of rose, lily of the valley and vanilla. Sexually and strictly at the same time - like silk tuxedo YSL.

Oriental Caftan mesmerizing rich tints incense, shaded languor of musk and resinous olibanum sharpness – just as it is embroidered in gold thread Kaftan. Citrus Trench sparks cool freshness of iris and neroli, framed by a noble plume of white cedar and Ambrette, Recalling the simple silhouette of the legendary cloak.

Wood Caban is just as modern and emphatically bold as its ideological inspirer - pea jacket. The narcotic sharp aroma of pink, black pepper and olibanum is softened by the astringent veil of patchouli and sandalwood. Fougerny Saharienne is chewed by the astringency of petitgrane, muscatine sage of ivitera, paying tribute to a practical safari jacket.

  Saharienne YSL: creamy aura of white musk in conjunction with a grassy Neroli fleece

  "Satin" spice from Tuxedo and "felt" eccentricity from Caban - for refined aesthetes