Decorative rats, how would this be like the owners don't live very long. The myths that the pet could live up to 7 years with excellent care, has long been debunked. But how can he get to that age, if the animal is prone to various diseases? The land of the Soviets tell what disease rats may adversely affect the health and lifespan of your pet.

Disease pet rats are very numerous. The fact that these rodents, contrary to popular opinion, suffering from numerous health problems{!LANG-3d11510c0f247b2e26134e4633dc52bb!}

{!LANG-a0ca5eb79b5a0bd5af275f024e377de8!}you can easily prevent development of various diseases{!LANG-aadfaab9195114238e4ec0770411ddfc!}

Most often various diseases rats have the same manifestation: it heavy breathing, aggressiveness, skin ulcers, loss of fur or loss of its gloss, diarrhea{!LANG-237456bf5a8c4bc76442635e5a823592!}

Diarrhea may cause several reasons{!LANG-f4eb5231f2ecc7dff81389a2b213e3d8!}

Also begin to develop infectious diseases fancy rats after bites of insects{!LANG-28da1acaa82b80aa913cb734fe4dd9c6!}

Respiratory disease of rats occur very often{!LANG-1f871e5fa971e18280d6411244cba697!}

Very often rats also suffer from rhinitis{!LANG-376a3b68107406af394202df076c8e8b!}

With age in rats can appear various tumors and neoplasms. Where they appear is different. It can be legs or internal organs. The formation of tumors is associated not only with the age of rats, but also food quality. But such diseases rats can carry non - malignant and malignant character. So, benign tumors can always see clear boundaries, healthy tissue. But when researching you may find that the tumor tissue does not differ from healthy tissue.

Malignant tumors grow very fast{!LANG-47b4788ebaf6e02c97a5ac4cc5b77f35!}

Rats, by their nature, rarely break their bones, because in case of any fall have triggered a reflex of the control body. But after landing, even on four legs, the rat can remain lying on the floor. The fact that she shock caused by falling{!LANG-29613073174334aae262b0ae5a6d00a3!}

Old decorative rats require special care{!LANG-db8afb1ce2910acc2001e5bbbab24620!}

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1. Feeding does not affect the growth of tumors!