Road case Xiaomi Mi Trolley became a "hot" accessory for active travelers in 2015. This season, the Chinese brand decided to finally hit the fans, introducing a stylish new product - Xiaomi 90 Minutes Smart Suitcase. The suitcase design, developed by the German creative team, is distinguished by its stylish minimalism - the case of light silvery aluminum is complemented by strong plastic overlays. Convenience of the accessory is also at the highest level: four positions for the telescopic handle, complete maneuverability of the wheels and a thirty-liter "useful" volume for the necessary hand luggage.

But the main feature of Smart Suitcase from Xiaomi is the "smart" locking and security system. The suitcase is equipped with a technical unit with a battery and Bluetooth 4.0, which is able to connect to the owner's smartphone. The keys are no longer needed - you can open and close the case using a virtual application. If you try to hack, the module will also give a signal to the device, informing you of changes in the position of the accessory or breach of integrity.

Futuristic "filling" Xiaomi 90 Minutes Smart Suitcase deserves our admiration

Promo photos on the Xiaomi website

For all its external compactness, Smart Suitcase comfortably accommodates the traveler's travel kit

Xiaomi 90 Minutes Smart Suitcase Advertising Campaign