Blossoming spring has served as a source of inspiration for the jewelry brand Pandora. Novelties appeared in collections dedicated to family values ​​and symbolism of love. Exquisite jewelry is full of allegorical fantasies about the awakened nature: earrings and necklaces are made in the form of miniature inflorescences and lacy petals, covered with crystals. Particular attention deserves kits of milky pink and sky-blue Murano glass with floral ornaments and accessories with plant motifs of white and pink gold. Traditional charm from Pandora in the spring line reminds of the importance of feelings - tiny heart-pendants, zirconium pearls and pendants with graceful engraving embody the sincerity of mutual attraction.

Classic brand products invariably elegant and admirably concise – beads inlaid with crystals in the bezels of blackened silver perfectly complement any image. For lovers of minimalism Pandora has prepared a gift – rigid bracelets with delicate charms-clasps.

  Combined charms of yellow gold, enamel and crystals: the series "Spring-2016"

  Lacy patterns on rings and pendants symbolize the continuity of family ties

  Delicate roses and dull silver shine - a fresh solution for a feminine jewelry set