The collection of Piloutin accessories from Christian Louboutin was expected to become a hit of the spring season: exquisite clutches in the form of a puff for a crystal shoe Cinderella stirred the imagination of the fashionable public. Miniature handbags really remind boudoir cushions and this is not an accident, but a creative design for a couturier: Lubuten wanted to create an original gizmo not only for going out into the world, but also for sleeping.

Advertising campaign of novelties Piloutin

In summer, the "fairytale" theme was suddenly extended - the brand announced the completion of the collection with a capsule series of clutches. Each of them is inspired by the fantasies of the maestro. So, Piloutin Strass is devoted to the marine theme: the surface of the accessory is decorated with hundreds of colored crystals, smoothly changing shades from pink-coral to ink-blue.

Crystals on Piloutin Strass are applied and fixed manually

Piloutin Spikes awakens the emotions of fire and passion, mysteriously sparkling with golden, steel and black spikes, firmly attached to the solid nappa skin. The metal fittings form a skilful pattern of leopard spots, demonstrating a challenge to the fashionable foundations.

Ornament Piloutin Spikes formed 2437 spikes made specifically for the capsule collection

Exotic Maharaja rivets the look of a complex finish - on the red suede is a ligature of golden embroidery, beads, braids and tiny mirrors.

The design of Maharaja is made according to the rules of Indian needlework