The watch is not a usual accessory. They are one of the key parts in the image, emphasizing the exquisite taste, unmatched style and personality of the owner. Spectacular model easily becomes the hallmark of the man, pointing to his lifestyle and personality. Therefore, the choice of hours you need to come with a picky demanding.

Watch as an integral part of the image

Today the art of watchmaking has reached unprecedented heights. Craftsmen create extraordinary models on the verge of perfection, which are able to captivate the most discerning ladies. Watch is not only a practical attribute that counts down the time, but the item image, reflecting the personality and philosophy of its owner. Cialiscanada the final chord of the image of the modern man, bringing integrity, presentable and stylish notes.

Master clock factory NIKA have invaluable experience in watchmaking and intuitive sense of style. Knowing firsthand about the importance of this accessory for the modern man, they have created an exclusive collection of watches Mystery. It is surprisingly mysterious, luxurious watch that can be called a masterpiece.

To include a Mystery accessory in your way, you'll definitely become the center of everyone's attraction. After all, to look away from this luxurious decoration it is simply impossible – weightless arrows will captivate any beholder.

Model with weightless arrows – magic and freedom

Watch from the limited collection of Mystery from the clock factory NIKA is a truly mystical model, keeping the secret of weightlessness.

First movement with weightless arrows was created almost 180 years ago. Lifted the veil of the eternal mysteries of Jean eugène Robert-Houdin. As a clockmaker and illusionist, he has created magic in a small format that fits the palm. Such a magic "time machine" stirred the consciousness of contemporaries of the master. The arrows floating in weightlessness, became the dream of limitless freedom, flight, and magic.

Luxury watch Mystery touch to the mystery

The mysterious accessory will allow its owner to boldly declare herself, be modern and punctual. After all, the rule "Precision - courtesy of queens" works to this day.

Charming watch model Mysteryпретендует not only able to be called a jewellery masterpiece. This is the epitome of lightness, floating weightless, filigree luxury that is not "shouting", and with dignity allows a lady to tell the world about your own individuality.

Unusual watch with floating arrows is a small magic, mystery in which is hidden all the mysteries of time. Touching stylish accessory, you touch the secret of eternity.

Features an exclusive collection of Mystery from NICK

Colorful, bright, bold version hours Mystery would be a real boon for the true lady. Hours will blend in the luxurious solemn images, and office look.Exclusive magic collection is made in such shades as:

  • white white
  • anthracite-black
  • Burgundy-copper
  • Royal blue.

The Mystery model is designed for the most discerning connoisseurs of watchmaking, which certainly will like the unusual design of the dial with elements of gold and silver, decorated with fianites affordable and luxurious diamonds.

Mother-of-pearl or enamel non-trivial dial in this unmatched performance closed with a special material. This is a practical and reliable sapphire crystal features anti-reflective coating. Satin bracelet gives the watch an extra mystique with its soft luster.

Rigor, conciseness and elegance allow hours Mystery to highlight the extraordinary taste, taste, refinement of female nature.

Jewelry mystical interpretation of the hours represented by models with a body the thickness of which is minimum. Quartz version, which today is considered the most relevant, deprived deliberately of massive decoration.

Thanks to the unique patented hybrid mechanism creates an amazing and mesmerizing illusion of floating arrows, enclosed in a round case.

For true lovers of mystery and magic clock factory NIKA has created an exclusive model-skeleton with lace mechanism, decorated manually – Mystery Calypso. The graceful lines of the mechanism of this unusual model, if carved by sea and time.

Attractive shining Golden case adorned with gems, hints about the puzzle hidden inside. Back of the watch is no less elegant: durable glass depicts a sandy bottom with silver symbols of the sea star and shells.

Contemplate in the open, and try to discover the secret magic of weightlessness.

With feminine models from the exclusive collection of Mystery to outsmart time. Thanks to a unique accessory all secrets become tame, giving a feeling of freedom and confidence.