History does not tolerate negligence. That's why to create a limited collection dedicated to the Golden Age of Hollywood, the legendary watch brand Roger Dubuis attracted the best in its business. Massaro - the famous shoemakers Chanel - designed for the watch line leather straps with an exclusive design. The result - three charming haute horlogerie patterns, combining modern jewelry technology with the impeccable stylistics of the great 40's.

Each model of Velvet capsule collection is released in 88 copies

Promophoto series Velvet by Massaro on the website of Roger Dubuis

Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Greta Garbo - charismatic divas and the most beautiful women of the era. Models Velvet by Massaro glorify the uniqueness of each of them. Dials of watches in the Art Deco style, made of white and pink gold and decorated with diamonds in a classic cut, have the stamp Poinçon de Genève - a certificate of the highest quality. Each item is provided with an elegant leather bracelet. In Rita Hayworth watches, it is made of pleated golden leather with volumetric ornamentation, accessory Lana Turner received a silver strap with pearl finish, and the Greta Garbo version is black, with a spectacular feather insert.

Rita Hayworth: luxurious and reserved

Lana Turner: gently and romantically

Greta Garbo: sexy and elegant