The international brand Fabergé is a noble story, family traditions of jewelry art and the glory of the creators of the legendary series of Easter imperial eggs. It would seem that the hour line of the House should dazzle with luxury and an abundance of precious inlays. Nothing of the kind - summer Flirt models are delightfully modern and concise.

Promo Photo Flirt in Instagram brand

Advertising campaign Fabergé Flirt

The first thing that attracts the eye is color: it's more than enough in the news. The piercing blue, lemon and orange shine in the enamel dials and matte glare on the crocodile leather bracelets. Such bright shades could be provocative, but they are successfully mitigated by a strict design. The watch cases are made of white and pink gold and decorated with lacquered insets on the welt. Delicate flickering of laser engraving on the panel shades the glare of a miniature sapphire, inserted into the crown on the bezel. Despite the frivolous design, the watches are extremely reliable - for this the automatic mechanism of Vaucher Manufacure is responsible. For fans of classics there is a minimal model Flirt - in black.

A series of four Flirt jewelry watches - for colorful summer

Sales of Flirt have already started in boutiques and on the site of Fabergé