Smart toaster - not only creative, but also a useful kitchen assistant. What is unusual in toasted bread - a classic light lunch? But the "smart" Toasteroid gadget turns ordinary croutons into funny pictures, useful notes and even humorous messages - depending on the imagination of the owner. The device follows the commands of a special application that can be installed on a smartphone with Android or iOS. The toaster is always in touch with the mobile phone thanks to the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection - you can even control the kitchen appliance from the next room. Prepared "art" toast in the same way as traditional - just a few minutes.

Cheerful lunch from Toasteroid for lovers of pleasant surprises

Collection of drawings Toasteroid - for all occasions

The Toasteroid series consists of two versions of devices. The mini-gadget will fry two loaves, but will put an image on only one of them. A full option will perform a "hot" printing on a pair of toasts. Pictograms, slogans and prints can be selected from the collection pre-installed in the application or downloaded independently. The first batch of Toasteroid is already being prepared for sale on the Kickstarter website.

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