In anticipation of new year holidays, the parents literally rushed off your feet in search of interesting gifts for children. Agree to find unusual, desirable and useful children's gift at this time is the most important task, to cope with which quickly and easily can only be Santa Claus. However, having met with the spirit and thinking through the details is the most effective route of shopping, moms and dads find a worthy New year's gifts to children. But the most important role in the success of this mission plays awareness about childhood dreams and Hobbies. Agree, the baby in 1 year and a child of 4 years will be completely different preferences in toys. What to say about boys and girls 7-10 years! So before you go Christmas shopping, we strongly recommend you to read our today's article. In it you will find a list of original gifts for children of different ages on New year's 2017. In addition, you will learn that you can give boys and girls for New year in kindergarten and school.

Interesting gifts for New year boys and girls in kindergarten

It is no secret that gifts for the Christmas party in kindergarten are preparing their own parents. However, they are faced with the difficult choice of universal gifts and limited financial resources in the framework of the kindergarten. Interesting gifts for New year boys and girls in kindergarten must be different between themselves and to be useful. It is also important to pick up delicious sweets that are safe for the health of babies. Next, you will find a list of interesting gift options for kindergarten for boys and girls for the New year. Most of the ideas will fit perfectly in a kindergarten for children from 3-4 up to 5 years. But there are also gift options that will be relevant for younger kids as well.

Let's start with General recommendations on the choice of gifts to the kindergarten. Good Christmas present for kindergarten must meet several key characteristics: to be useful to develop certain skills, do not contain small and dangerous parts. All these requirements correspond to the following gift options:

  • quality professional (doctor, policeman, fireman)
  • pyramids, cubes, puzzles (choosing to focus on the age)
  • bright educational toys, for example, the constructors on the type of LEGO Hollow
  • colorful books, large razukrashki, sets for children's creativity
  • toys to develop self-help skills (a set of dishes, tools, lacing)

Gifts for New year to children aged 6-10 years in primary school

At the age of 6-7 years children are consciously approach the choice of Christmas gift. They are happy to write letters to Santa Claus and eyeing the desired toy stores. As a rule, individual gift for your child's difficulties arise: it is enough to read his letter to Santa Claus or ask about him personally. But the question of what to give for the New year children aged 6-10 years in primary school, forcing parents Committee to think about. It is very important to choose a universal gift to the school, who with the same enthusiasm perceive all children. For example, it may be designers, sets the type of "popular science", useful sweets and books for school. If you want to give the New year a children 6-10 years in primary school something more original, then look at the following options:

  • soft toys in the form of popular cartoon characters
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  • comic books, encyclopedias, popular children's books
  • stationery in school
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  • huge puzzles, puzzles, Board games

Gift ideas for boy on New year 2017, photo

Of course, to choose a gift for the New year is 2017, he must, based on his interests, Hobbies and age features. For example, the best gift and riding dreams for boys 5-8 years will be a transformer robot, but the teen is 11-13 years old will be delighted with the cool computer gadget. Gift ideas for boys for New year 2017, together with photos you will find next is based just taking into account the main characteristics of choice. They include age characteristics, possible interests, demand and relevance. But despite the fact that collected below the gift ideas for New year 2017 for a boy can be considered the most successful, we must not forget about the psychological factor. Nobody knows your son better than parents. And if they find it difficult to choose for him a Christmas gift, it is only a little to look at and to listen carefully to your child. The boys mostly unsophisticated and yourself happy to talk about desired gifts. However, it is possible that the gift-dream your boy is among the new year's options below:

  • player, camera, phone, game console (for Teens)
  • race track, railroad, RC helicopter (machine)
  • developing a set of the type of the young technician or chemist
  • set of model cars, collectible statuettes, figurines of superheroes
  • toy characters from your favorite cartoons

What to give useful and interesting on New year's 2017 girl

The principle of choosing a good gift for New year for girls is not much different from the process for a boy. Perhaps the only difference which exists, and to take into account which certainly is, in terms of practicality of the gift. It is no secret that the basis of femininity and skills housing management are laid in girls in early childhood and school. Mainly through imitation and role-playing games in the kindergarten and socialization at school. Therefore, among the favorite toys in girls of any age are doll posudka, children's cosmetics, etc. and if there is a question about what to give useful and interesting New year 2017 the girl, any of the above gifts will do just fine. These practical options will be suitable as Christmas gifts to the girls at children's matinees at kindergartens and schools. Another thing, if you want to give not only useful and interesting and original gift to a girl on New year's 2017. In this case, can help our list of original gifts for girls 1-4, 7-9, 11 years:

  • interactive doll-baby
  • ebook, player, headphones
  • children's jewelry and cosmetics
  • sets for needlework, jewelry making, flower-growing, etc.
  • musical instruments
  • sports equipment