An elegant wreath is a symbol of the Catholic Advent that embodies the idea of ​​joyful expectation of the holiday. Traditional Christmas decoration can be purchased at fairs or in stores, but it is best to create it for yourself with your own people. The instruction from designer Dmitry Loginov is simple - a minimum of effort and an excellent result.

Black and gold - a universal color scheme for decorative items

What will be required for the future wreath: gold and velvet black cardboard, wire, scissors, LEDs, toys and balls.

Materials can be found in the nearest store of the office and souvenirs

The basis of the decoration is the cardboard leaves - the more they will be, the better. The leaves can be cut arbitrarily or use a stencil. A little trick - every detail must be bent vertically, and then spread out - so it will be easier to fasten it to the base.

The sharp leaves of Magnolia – form template

The preparatory stage is over - it's time for creativity. On the previously prepared wire frame alternately fasten black and gold leaves, forming a kind of "laurel" tiara. It must be decorated with a miniature garland, exquisite figurine or balls. The resulting interior wreath in the Renaissance style will be a pleasant New Year's surprise for guests.

Refined accents: retro toys and balls