Gifts are beautiful, useful and unusual. But best of all, of course, those that combine all three qualities at once. Such, for example, as decorative candles from the "famous artist". Under the intriguing name is a group of enthusiasts who are passionate about their work: designers and perfumers who have decided to offer the domestic consumer a unique product no worse than Western analogues.

New Year campaign "The famous artist" in social networks

All genius is really simple. As a case - halves of wine bottles, polished to amazing smoothness. Inside - an exclusive mixture of natural soybean wax and Provenan essential oils. Aromatic compositions are selected individually, revealing almost perfume notes. Thirty hours of a gentle fragrance - this is the "stock" of a miracle candle: a real spa ritual after an eventful workday.

The resulting combustion of organic oil can be used as a massage mousse or cream.

A set from the "famous artist" - the perfect romantic gift

Spicy, woody and smoky aromas of the series for Christmas atmosphere

Decoration for interior candles are labels - paintings of popular artists. Colorful abstractions or monochrome graphics, posters and touching comics - the choice is unlimited. And if you do not have the right canvas, you can come up with it - the illustrators will display any creative idea.

New Year's sets of the "Famous Artist" - for lovers of exquisite aromas