To protect pet from a variety of infectious diseases very difficult. Walking on the street, your cat can catch any viral disease. Even if you do not release the cat to walk, you may bring infection into the Shoe. Make your cat sick, she has to make vaccination. The land of the Soviets tell what vaccinations for cats exist.

Vaccination of cats is very important, because without it, animals can develop various diseases. Some of them are a threat to health only for cats. But some are also dangerous for other animals and even humans. To avoid such cases, vaccinations for cats have been developed.

Sometimes we don't even realize how many diseases can hurt domestic cats. It can be rabies, feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency disease (similar to AIDS in humans), infectious peritonitis, flu, infectious enteritis, viral rhinotracheitis and other. As you can see, there are enough diseases, but an animal can catch them at any moment. Think not only about your health, but also about the welfare of the cat, so make the necessary vaccinations.

Vaccination of cats begin at a small age. Vaccinations for kittens can be done starting from two months of age. In this case, you should consider whether the mother is vaccinated with the kitten. If so, then the first vaccine can be done after 12 weeks of life. And if not - then after 8 weeks. You can make the vaccination of the kitten and a little later. But it should be remembered that from 4 to 7 months in kittens there is a change of teeth, so at this time you can not vaccinate the animal. The next inoculations to an adult cat are done once a year.

Vaccinations cats do in a specific pattern. First, the animal is treated with deworming. According to the instructions on the package, give the cat the drug that you have chosen. It will also be necessary to use drugs that will kill fleas and ticks. These sucking parasites are often carriers of various infections. A cat after the vaccination will be slightly weakened. Therefore, chances are high that your furry pet can get sick.

After 10 days again swipe deworming your chosen drug. Such measures are necessary, because the medicine does not destroy the eggs of the worms. And only after 10 days can the vaccination of the cat. The vaccine that best suits your cat, you will be advised by a veterinarian. He will also vaccinate so that the animal does not have undesirable consequences.

At the moment there are different vaccinations for cats. to help protect your pet from diseases. Today in the vets use different vaccines. Let's see what vaccinations do cats .

«Nobivac Tricat "is a combination vaccine, which will help protect your pet against viral rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia and calicivirus infection. Vaccination can be carried out kittens from the age of 8 weeks. Re-vaccination begins at 12 weeks of age. Recommended annual use of the vaccine.

Vaccine "Leucocephalon "protects your cat from panleukopenia and various viral respiratory diseases. Vaccinations a kitten can be done at the age of 7 weeks. Re-vaccination can be done at the age of 12 weeks. At that time, instead of the "Leucocephalon" to use the vaccine "Quadrate  ". It is similar to "Leucorifelin", but its complex also includes a vaccine against rabies.

«Феловакс4  "Is a complex protection of your cat against diseases of panleukopenia, two strains of calicivirus, chlamydia and rhinotracheitis virus. As with other vaccinations, a second vaccination is required. "Felovax4" will protect your cat from various dangerous diseases for 1 year. Vaccination against rabies is done separately.

«Multifel-4  "Is another vaccine that will protect your cat from panleukopenia, calicivirus, pinotracheitis and chlamydia strains. It is possible to start kittens from the age of 8 weeks. Repeated vaccination is done 3-4 weeks later.

All of the above vaccines are the most popular, because they give comprehensive protection to the cat. But there are also other vaccinations for cats, protect your pet from lichen, dermatosis, trihofitii, peritonitis and other diseases .

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Hello. We purchased a kitten at the age of 4 months, before that he was vaccinated only from rabies. In the article I read that since 4 months already vaccinations can not be done, as there is a change of teeth. When will it be possible for us to do the first inoculation and will it not affect the health of the cats and its exhibition quarry?

Hello, this is the first time we've got a kitten. Now she is about 7 months old. Bessporodistaya (I think so). In general, the daughter of a street prostitute. Sorry for the details. Tell me, what vaccines should she do now? Mom, of course, not vaccinated. And with what vaccinations it can be taken to the train With what certificates