Cups with funny patterns, Christmas toys, aromatic sets and decorative candles - a traditional list of Christmas gifts. We offer to complement it with elegant novelties, which will surely please your family and friends.

Writing accessories - must have for intelligent and sophisticated girls. In search of an unusual accessory, you can look at the site Montegrappa - the Italian company produces both exclusive themed copies and democratic ink pens that correspond to fashion trends. The pen tools from the Día de Muertos line, for example, are decorated with prints based on Ed Hardy's drawings, and the handles of Fortuna Rainbow attract attention with a radiant rainbow case. Is not it an addition to your favorite moleskin?

Instruments Montegrappa pens with steel and enamel inlays – elegant accessory for a refined esthetic

The connoisseurs of precious products will be delighted with the limited edition Tous. Golden Bear - the symbol of the brand - is released in the form of a laconic gold pendant with a brand and logo. Nothing superfluous is the perfect decoration for every day, which will add charm to any image.

Case limited edition Tous made in the form of gold bars

Fans of sweets and desserts will appreciate the Dior novelty: Addict Lip Sugar Scrub lip-balm with sugar particles has several advantages at once. He delicately cares for the delicate skin, softening, moisturizing and exfoliating the keratinized particles, and also gives the lips a pleasant pink color and sweet taste.

Beauty - "delicacy" from Dior - a surprise for stylish women of fashion