Women have long learned to use clothing not only for practical, but also for aesthetic purposes. Correctly selected wardrobe will hide all the shortcomings and advantageously emphasize the dignity. Therefore, even if Mother Nature was a little greedy and did not give you, for example,long and slender legs  as we would like, do not get upset. A little female trick and slimness of your legs will envy everyone around.

Receptions in clothes

The visually lengthened legs will be helped by the clothes, sustained in one tone. If the upper and lower parts of your outfit contrast with each other, it visually "breaks" the silhouette into parts.

Never an outdated reception - vertical stripes on clothes. Vertical strips visually "pull" the figure. But from horizontal stripes in clothes it is better to refuse, as they visually make the silhouette wider.

When choosing trousers, give preference to classic black models, you can with "arrow" - they are very slim. You should choose narrow trousers, but easy (!) Klesh from the knee is possible. It is better to avoid on the trousers or jeans of various applications and embroideries, which give the figure heaviness.

Quite common in our time, "low" landing of trousers and skirts is not suitable for those who wish to visually extend their legs. Preference should be given to "medium" and "high" planting.

The most advantageous option is the maximum possible length of trousers. But from bridges (Bermudas, kaprej) it is necessary to refuse, as they visually not only shorten legs, but also make them thicker.

Skirts are best to choose medium length, with cuts. A short skirt can also be worn, but if you wear it to the color of your legs or pantyhose. A short skirt will also look good in combination with high boots.

Dresses should be chosen according to the figure, but without waist and waist bands. Remember that bulk fabrics visually add volume to your feet!

The incisions along the sides also perfectly extend the legs. For an evening dress, one deep cut from the side is ideal.

Pantyhose in the tone of the shoes visually extend the legs, but the contrasting combination "splits" the leg into parts. Therefore, with pantyhose pantyhose should wear shoes of the same tone. By the way, do not forget, if you put on dark trousers with dark shoes, then the socks under them should also be chosen dark.

Shoe receptions

A high heel is the most famous means to become taller and slimmer. Only it is necessary to learn how to walk beautifully in such shoes.

A thin high heel-stud and a sharp toe of shoes do not suit those with large calves.

Choosing boots, give preference to models of a strict cut with an ankle to the knee. Models of boots with multi-colored inserts and ornaments visually divide their legs into parts, so it is better to choose monophonic boots.

Boot-boots boots visually shorten, and half-boots or ankle boots, if properly worn, will not hurt. Wear boots with tight pants, and boots with a long skirt that will cover the top of the boot.

In summer, it's better to get flesh-colored shoes, because you remember that there should be no contrast. To maximize lengthen your legs, choose the most open sandals on the heel. Straps, which are tied on the ankles and shins, visually "cut" the leg. You'd better give it up.