If you live in two opposite-sex of a hamster, you definitely need to know how is breeding hamsters even if you don't want to purposefully breed. Because if a female still get pregnant, it is important to provide the right conditions so that both she and the offspring were healthy.

It is clear that if a hamster is pregnant by accident or you've already got a pregnant animal, nothing can be done. But if you plan to breed hamsters in advance, please note that too early in the breeding hamsters is not recommended. Both males and females need to knit no earlier than 4 months. They become sexually mature, but early matings are harmful to the young organism.

Breeding hamsters occurs in the period of oestrus in females (it happens about every four days). Since reliably determine the heat impossible may have to unseat the hamsters a few days in a row. Hamsters need to unseat on neutral territory  (so none of them will not feel like a master), in extreme cases - the female to attach to the male. It is best to plant hamsters closer to the evening.

Sadev hamsters, watch them carefully. otherwise the reproduction of hamsters can turn into a fight. If you notice that instead of or after pairing the hamsters try to attack each other, arrange them as soon as possible.

How to determine that the female is pregnant? The surest symptom — swollen nipples  (they swell about a week). Also, the female can become restless, start eating more. The pregnancy in hamsters lasts a little more than two weeks (16-18 days).

Even if your hamsters lived well together and not conflict, males definitely need to isolate from pregnant females. During pregnancy and rearing of offspring, the female becomes aggressive, because the instinct of protecting the offspring comes to the fore.

While the female is pregnant, try not to touch her and to provide her with a comfortable environment. Her diet should consist more of protein than usual. Every day you need to give her some cottage cheese, boiled eggs or boiled chicken without salt and spices. Try not to disturb the female without much need, if you want the hamsters breeding was successful.

Before the very birth in the cage, females can not be removed  - She will not feel safe, because she will take it as the ruin of a nest, and can even kill a newborn offspring. Therefore, the cell must be removed no later than 4 days before the expected delivery and give the female enough white soft paper napkins to make a nest.

When the female gives birth, in any case do not touch her offspring and don't bother her!  Two weeks you can not touch either mom or the cubs. To clean in a cage is also not necessary. It is necessary to give the female a variety of food (more than usual), including protein. It is imperative to provide the hamster with constant access to clean and fresh drinking water in a special water bowl for rodents.

If you touched hands, the offspring or disturbed the female, if she didn't have enough water and / or food, and if offspring were born too weak or the female is very weak after childbirth, she could either eat her babies or stop feeding them. and then they die themselves. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the female and cubs comfortable conditions, do not touch them unnecessarily, give enough food and water.

Start to clean the cell in two weeks. when the pups eyes will be opened. To be careful to transplant them from the cells (separate female and cubs separately), clean the cage, change the bedding. The nest should not be touched, but the new swipe into the cage to put desirable.

At the age of four weeks homyachat can be deposited from mom. and the males are separate from the females. At this age they are already able to multiply, but we have already said that early reproduction of hamsters is harmful to their body. Each cell must have a wheel, a feeding bowl, a drinking bowl - in general, everything you need. At the age of five weeks, you can give the hamsters to the new owners.

Please note thatbreeding hamstersis not fun, but very demanding. because you are responsible for the life of mother and young. To multiply the hamsters was successful, you will have to make a lot of efforts, following all our recommendations.