Powder is one of the oldest cosmetic means, because a clean and smooth white skin was considered one of the most important attributes of female beauty. But the old powder was prepared on the basis of rice flour, the particles of which, in hot weather, swell and clog the skin pores, letting natural processes. Modern powder has leaped forward. Today shoppers have a powder for every taste, color and purse.

To powder on the face nice and natural need to follow certain rules of its application :

  1. It is not necessary to apply the powder until fully absorbed day and creams. If You hurry and put the powdered dust in excessively oily skin, Your face will look spotty.
  • If you use powdered powder coat it liberally all over the face – Your features will seem soft and tender.
  • You can also powder the skin around the eyes, eyelashes and lips. Then eye shadow and lipstick will stay longer. And the mascara applied to the lashes on top of a thin film of powder, will make your eyelashes more fluffy.
  • Several times powder the so-called T-zone: nose, chin and forehead because these areas of the face the skin starts to Shine in the first place due to the large number of sebaceous glands.
  • It is recommended to choose the color of powder depending on the shape of the face. Due to the light dust in small, narrow face will look slightly more round and wide flat face will look more narrow due to a dark powder applied to the sides.
  • To remove excess powder from the face, it is possible to carry out desired area with a brush without powder or sprinkle face with mineral water from a spray bottle. The water will absorb any excess powder and make Your look more fresh.
  • It is impossible to lay down a brush or sponge used to party powder. First, it is unhygienic, as in this case, the powder can start to breed bacteria, and, secondly, the remnants of sebum gets into the powder and it will stick together.
  • To prevent bonding of the fibres of brushes for powder or powder puffs need to wash them in a mild shampoo at least once a week. After washing they should be dried well.
  • If you don't use makeup, choose powder same light shade as your skin. You can take and transparent powder. Such a powder is suitable for any complexion, however, it almost does not hide flaws, so it is suitable only for flawless skin. Transparent powder applied with a thick layer, and then a soft brush is rubbed into the skin.