To the hot Sunny summer is still far, but a beautiful bronze tan to have want. Of course, in the modern world for those who wish to sunbathe all year round and hot spas, and a variety of Solarium. However, the abuse of ultraviolet radiation can cause substantial and irreparable harm to the health. So those who do not agree to be whiter than white in the winter, come to the aid of tan .

It used means-self-tanning products had an unnatural orange tint and not too pleasant smell. Modern products of this line have a more delicate texture and, in addition, moisturize, protect, firm the skin and even contribute to the fight against cellulite. How does the tanning? The composition of autosunburn includes molecules of dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which act on the skin and in combination with fruit acids that grind the skin, evenly stain it. One-time application of autosunburn allows to achieve a tanned appearance for 4-6 days, after which the skin is gradually clarified due to the natural processes of exfoliation.

Self-tanning products vary in the concentration of DHA in them. For light skin enough concentration from 2.5% to 3%, for darker   - 5%. If you have chosen a means for tanning, on which there is no marking, then be sure to check the action of the remedy on a small area of ​​the skin (not in sight). Otherwise the result can turn out deplorable.

Means for autosunburn are issued in the form of creams, fluids, gels, sprays. The choice of the remedy depends on your desire and the purpose of the tan. For the face should choose a creamy self-tanning, and for oily skin is preferable gel, since it has a lighter texture.

In order to avoid becoming like "miracle-yudo" after applying self-tanning, you need to follow certain rules for applying such remedies to the skin.

For a uniform, homogeneous staining of the skin, it is important to have it thoroughly cleaned. To do this, it is recommended to scrub the entire face and body, paying special attention to elbows, knees, heels. To apply bronzer should be lightly moist sponge or hands. In the latter case, after the procedure, hands should be washed carefully. Dry the skin before applying the tan you need to moisturize and on inflamed or irritated skin tanning is generally better not to apply.

First apply a thin layer all over the body and face. An hour or two of bronzer you need to apply the second layer, not forgetting that on the elbows, knees and heels needs to apply a smaller amount of money. Remember that it is necessary to paint the whole body. So don't forget to apply the gel on the ears and the back of the neck.

Use self-tanning regularly, to keep a beautiful shade.

To achieve a uniform effect, bronzer should be applied to clean and dry skin. During the first two hours after the procedure you can not swim.   During these two hours, the skin is already dyed and the water and sweat are no longer frightening.

To avoid allergies, use hypoallergenic means   for autosunburn, which do not contain fragrances. Remember that hair removal can be done at least one day before applying the tan.

I use Dove lotion for light skin, I actually love it!hydration. tion color in just a few applications, without streaks. And most importantly I have been acne, as always actually, after ultraviolet radiation. however many of my friends say that it really spoils the skin, and a friend of mine (she is hidden) really is wrinkles it yourself is the best of all for 3 years. It is interconnected?

Alas, while and has not learned to put or render exactly autosunburn, more truly loson with autosunburn. Although I follow all the rules. By the way, it turned out that the dark stains are perfectly removed with alcohol. And in the solarium more in life is not a foot. I am sure that this is more harmful than the sun, given that we do not observe many rules for the use of solariums.

I do not like autosunbags, sometimes I see girls with a swarthy face and white hands, if you really use it, then the whole body, not like that. funny even! I myself go to the solarium - everything is beautiful and natural!

And I choose the sun. With the use of creams with SPF, of course. But not one self-tanning does not look as beautiful and natural as the sun.