Summer is near. It will be possible to wear open shoes and sandals. Particularly relevant in this time of careful care of the nails on our feet. A pedicure is, of course, great. But don't always have the time and money to visit the master. So learning to do pedicure at home.

Pedicure is not only beautiful, but also healthy. Regularly taking care of the feet, we will never know what natoptyshi, ingrown nails.

So, where does the pedicure begin at home?

First of all, you need to remove the old varnish from the nails. The nail polish remover really damages the cuticle and nail plate, so we try to use it in minimal amounts.

Nowit's time to prepare our legs.

To soften the skin of the feet, you need to make a warm foot bath. In the bath you can add soap, essential oils, sea salt. The legs relax, fatigue goes away, and in her place comes a feeling of comfort and appeasement.

When the skin is properly rasburicase, to start processing stop. It is necessary to remove dead skin particles so that our heels were once again pink and smooth. You can use a loofah, special brush or scrub for the feet.

After the skin is processed, rinse our feet with water and apply a foot cream: nourishing, softening or moisturizing. After 20-30 minutes we can proceed with the pedicure itself.

First of all, we move the cuticle with a special spatula. This is to ensure that the toenails can freely "breathe". By the way, the skin at the base of the nail plate will grow more slowly if it is carefully moved away from the corner of the towel immediately after taking the foot bath.

Cut the cuticle this can cause inflammation of the skin.  Now we can cut off our nails. It is enough if the edge of the nail protrudes beyond the finger by 3-4 mm. And it should be remembered that the nail of the big one should be cut in a straight line to avoid its ingrowth into the finger. To process nails with a nail file follows as well as with manicure - the movement of the nail file is directed in one direction.

After getting the nails treated they can be coated with colorless or colored lacquer. Do this carefully, all the extra smears can then remove with a cotton swab dipped in liquid varnish remover. At the request of the nails can be decorated with pattern, sequins, special stickers. Choosing a color of nail Polish for a pedicure, it is important to remember that it must harmonize with the other parts of the image.

The procedure for pedicure should be repeated regularly, even if the defile in sandals is not planned in the near future. The frequency of the procedure is chosen by everyone, based on the speed of nail growth, the degree of skin roughness, etc.

Well, that's all – it's ready!