Thick long eyelashes enhance the beauty and expressiveness of the eyes, so long since we, women, are trying "a little help" mother nature, which, as we know, not all awards are good lashes. Various ink and brush help to give the desired effect – tighten or extend – but cardinally will not solve the problem. Eyelash extensions are the new approach to the problem.

Physiologically, eyelashes are necessary for a person to protect the eyes, but for women eyelashes are a sighting weapon that slams right into the man's heart without a miss. The technique of eyelash extensions is very simple: artificial beams are attached to their own eyelashes with special glue.

Eyelash extensions best salon!   After all, a professional master will be able to carry out the procedure of building qualitatively, and the result will look natural. Before building up the master will determine what length of artificial eyelashes is necessary, will pick up the necessary color.

The length increasing of eyelashes   should be chosen based on personal preferences, but always in the light of the situation. At a party or a reception you can increase eyelashes more truly - there it will be appropriate. However, for "everyday wear" you need to choose eyelashes of medium length, only at the outer edge of the eye can grow longer eyelashes.

Eyelashes used in the building, can be made from natural hair and from synthetic materials. Natural fibers are preferred because they are less allergenic.

Also allergies in some people can cause the glue to build. therefore preliminary it is necessary to do a test build several cilia and to test your reaction. At the beginning of the procedure, the wizard removes eye makeup and removes fat using a special degreasing liquid. Next, you need to choose the appropriate length of the cilia, collect them in bunches of 3 to 7 pieces and a special glue to attach them to the base of native eyelashes.

"Every day" is enough to attach up to 5 beams. and for celebrations - up to 13. You can choose a transparent or black variety of glue, in the latter case, glue will play the role of liner.

A little different from the traditional Japanese technique of eyelash extensions. In this technique, eyelashes are not assembled into bundles, each of them is glued separately. This provides more durability - up to 3 months, whereas with the usual build-up, the maximum period of the socks does not exceed 2-3 weeks.

The fact is that our own eyelashes fall out with a periodicity of 2-3 weeks, therefore, along with them, there are also bundles of extended eyelashes. If the cilia were accumulated one by one, then their loss is less noticeable and correction is necessary less often.

For extended eyelashes, you should care. First, they are "afraid" of fat and various cosmetic products containing it. Therefore, if the skin is prone to fat, then you will need to wipe it, not to allow the fat to accumulate in the eye area.

Owners lashes. not recommended   sleep face down or rub in a dream about a pillow, they should not also rub eyes with washing. For those who wear contact lenses, extended eyelashes will not last long, because with daily wearing / removing lenses the eyelashes are constantly exposed to mechanical stress.

You can remove eyelashes in the salon   - there they will use a special liquid for this. But you can remove eyelashes and yourself, with the help of olive oil. It is enough to put olive oil on the eyelids and leave it for the night - in the morning the eyelashes will easily peel off.

Eyelash extensions are very convenient: there is no need to use mascara and tweezers every day, because eyelashes are already expressive enough. In addition, eyelash extension allows you to visually adjust the shape and size of the eyes - the main thing is to choose the right length.