Thick long eyelashes enhance the beauty and expressiveness of the eyes, so long since we, women, are trying "a little help" mother nature, which, as we know, not all awards are good lashes. Various ink and brush help to give the desired effect – tighten or extend – but cardinally will not solve the problem. Eyelash extensions are the new approach to the problem.


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Eyelashes used in the building, can be made from natural hair and from synthetic materials{!LANG-977900162570ffe227974720540add48!}

Also allergies in some people can cause the glue to build. therefore preliminary it is necessary to do a test build several cilia and to test your reaction. At the beginning of the procedure, the wizard removes eye makeup and removes fat using a special degreasing liquid. Next, you need to choose the appropriate length of the cilia, collect them in bunches of 3 to 7 pieces and a special glue to attach them to the base of native eyelashes.

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A little different from the traditional Japanese technique of eyelash extensions{!LANG-dcb652471329cb22bee788664a200f29!}


For extended eyelashes, you should care. First, they are "afraid" of fat and various cosmetic products containing it. Therefore, if the skin is prone to fat, then you will need to wipe it, not to allow the fat to accumulate in the eye area.

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