Makeup style Smoky Eyes always relevant. "Smoky eyes" allow you to give the look of depth and expressiveness, mystery and sexuality. Stellar Smoky Eyes, of course, the work of professional makeup artists, but also to perform "smoky" make-up for each.

The first step in makeup Smoky Eyes, like any other, is cleansing{!LANG-ee63ff99efc79d3a4f33ed640e2843e1!}

The main emphasis in makeup Smoky Eyes is, of course, eyes. To create a smoky effect need{!LANG-5d2d4d70b914ffdb20b4b7b34a41cbe7!}

As a base you can use a special base under shadows or light shade in skin color or a little lighter. After base the pencil should draw a line{!LANG-db878f5037aa5b4365dfaa4021b535ee!}

The thickness of the line should be the smaller, the closer to the inner corner of the eye. Do not have to bring the line to the end, it can be the only half-century or 2/3, depending on the shape of your eye. On the lower eyelid also should be contour{!LANG-b7915ec7ffaef7b88ee147f4a873d71e!}

With a brush or a cotton swab must carefully shade the line. so that its edges become blurred. The next step is drawing the basic shadows. It can be as classic black or dark gray shadow, and the shadow of any other dark shades, such as dark green, dark blue or dark purple.

Apply the main shadow should be on the movable part of the upper eyelid{!LANG-1f1514c4ea8b36561ca3a853518fed76!}


{!LANG-4f6fe29ec3ce701a950e6dc7ec284686!} The color of shadows should be more intense closer to the outer corner of the eye. Shadows carefully shade.

The finishing touch – the application of mascara.{!LANG-4fb31031c1317d5d038c0dcdeeaef03a!}

Because Smoky Eyes makeup emphasis on eyes, lips should not be bright{!LANG-3eb8a61f3830979788ec4d1fe8220fe2!}