Historically, men give their appearance a much smaller value than the women who in all ages have tried to be if not the most beautiful, then at least very attractive. Even very little girls starting to wear on fingers my mother's ring and finicky to treat colour hair clips for hair – what is there to talk about adult women? They have concerns more: peels, waxing, manicures, make-up, purple is no longer in fashion. and here, it seems, formed the ill-fated wrinkles.

Molodilnye apples - the desired fruit of many, however we will leave them to the fabulous Ivan Tsarevich, and we will pass to more practical methods.

The secrets of youth

There are so many of them that you can get confused in just two counts! We will try to highlight the most important and place them by category.

  1. The mode of the day. Whatever the density is not possessed your schedule – be sure to allow sufficient time for sleep, walks, fresh air and exercise. Even the young girls look haggard and aged great, if a little sleep. Just look at the students during the session. It is recommended to sleep 7-8 hours, plus an hour or two – the obligatory saturation of oxygen in the green Park. Not enough time on the Park go to work on foot. And, please, think about light exercises in the morning! Month correct mode – and you don't recognize myself in the mirror.
  2. Food. Refrain from the abuse of meat and alcohol, and if you want to maintain or regain harmony – avoid sweet, flour, fried and overly fatty. Which is better: pork chop for dinner or admiring glances in your direction?
  3. Health. Priorites. Did? Look more confident? Now try to make the gait flying character, smoothness. Be inspired by the heroines of the movie “Office romance” – there are very valuable examples. The last and most important: throw all forces to getting rid of bad habits. They do not contribute to youth and beauty.
  4. Skin care. Yes, all those anti-aging creams. Extremely useful all kinds of masks and Spa treatments – don't miss your chance to pamper yourself with them several times a week.
  5. Style.  Forget the abundance of dark, shiny and acid-bright - your wardrobe and even your cosmetic bag should be exempt from such items. Pastel colors, the most lightweight makeup - this is what will be in the trend always.

How to look 10 years younger

First of all, take care to remove traces of fatigue from your face. Properly selected cosmetics plus several procedures with a cooling and moisturizing effect are guaranteed to take several years. Remember the elegant shoes with heels, give preference to light colors in the wardrobe, add a few bright accessories. A visit to the beauty salon will help a lot-a new hairstyle or an adjustment of the shape of the eyebrows often changes the whole thing.

How to look younger at 50 years

Who said that 50 years is a venerable age? We don't know. But we are absolutely sure that the look very fresh. In fact, it is best to seek the advice of a professional beautician will suggest the most effective remedies for skin and advise a number of treatments, suitable to run at home, the hairdresser may offer to lighten the tone of your hair or bangs, and hair stylist to the smallest detail will give your style. Sounds like very expensive – in fact, all is not so scary. Know how to make a good ground.

I look younger than my age

Do not forget, the most important thing is the psychological attitude. In order to restore the look of youth, we need not only time and effort, we need a shine in the eyes! Self-love is the first and most important condition in this situation, especially since our women, having overcome a lot of life's obstacles and reach extraordinary heights, do not begin to appreciate themselves. Every morning and every evening, go to the mirror, smile at your reflection and repeat: "I am the most beautiful and the happiest. I look younger than my years! I'm very young and I can do everything! ". You will see - very soon life will pass to a qualitatively new stage.

Women who look younger (photos)

Often ladies do not believe that at one time or another you can look younger than your years. Inspired by the images of some celebrities: Holly Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman.