With winter approaching, we begin to update your wardrobe, buying new hats, warm jackets and coats, winter shoes. But our impressive Arsenal of cosmetic products for skin care also needs to be updated because home skin care in winter has its own characteristics. The land of the Soviets tell you how to care for skin in winter.

We already wrote about hair care in the winter and listed the negative factors that affect the condition of hair in the cold season. Low temperatures and cold winds do not influence the skin of the face in the best way, so winter requires proper home skin care.

Human skin is much more sensitive to the effects of cold than heat. On each square centimeter of skin can be up to 20 receptors that respond to cold, while the heat only reacting 3 receptor. Home skin care in winter is complicated by the fact that the skin begins to redden, peel, and dry.  This is due to the drop in temperature and humidity. Sebaceous glands produce less skin fats, and the skin evaporates more moisture - all this causes a lot of inconvenience.

Home skin care in winter should start with proper cleansing.  In the summer we prefer lotions and tonics, sometimes on an alcohol basis, because our skin is greasy. In winter, when the skin of the face is drying up, it is better to refuse lotions and tonics. To wash it is better not gels and penkami, and special molochkom or cosmetic cream, especially if at you a dry skin. If you have oily skin, then, in principle, you can not give up tonic and gels, but they should be nonalcoholic. Skrabom for skin care in winter can be used no more than once a week. The scrub should be soft, without large particles.

Homemade skin care continues moisture.  Despite the fact that the skin dries up and flakes in winter, it should not be wetted before leaving the house. The fact is that many moisturizers contain water. When you go outside and the ambient temperature drops sharply, the water starts to cool. As a result, the skin is more flaky and may even start to itch.

Therefore proper care of skin in winter provides hydration in the evening. Cleansing the skin, apply a moisturizing gel or cream, and its surplus be sure to blot with a tissue. Pay attention to the composition of moisturizers: there's bound to be on lecithin and hyaluronic acid. Before leaving the house, apply on face cream. A good Foundation is not just cosmetics, it protects the skin from dehydration.

To moisturize the skin can and should still “inside”.  To do this, your body should receive a sufficient amount of moisture. Drink mineral water and green tea, and you can add linseed oil to food, it also helps to moisturize the skin in winter. When you take a bath, add a few drops of essential oils to the water, they help moisturize the skin in the cold season.

Home care for skin is skin nutrition. So in the winter we refuses moisturizing and drying of masks and turn into nutritious. Before apply a nourishing mask for winter skin care, make a compress of milk, tea or juice – then mask it works better. Part winter nourishing masks for home skin care  includes fatty foods. The basis of such masks is vegetable oil (linseed, olive, etc.). The choice of further ingredients depends on your skin type. In the mask for dry skin, add egg white, rye bread or yeast. For dry skin, you can use sour cream, cottage cheese or egg yolk. Yolk can also be added to the skin mask for combination skin, and you can choose between fatty cream or raw potatoes, grated. Ingredients are rubbed with oil to the state of gruel and applied to the skin for 15-20 minutes. Wash off the mask with warm boiled water.

After you've made a nourishing mask should be applied a nourishing cream. Protective cream is an important tool for home skin care in winter. It is applied as a moisturizing, fairly abundant, and the remains removed with a paper towel. Top-to-apply powder. To go out through 30-40 minutes. By the way, winter is not a reason to forget about sunscreen. Bright winter sun too can damage the skin, as when its rays are still reflected by snow and ice, their impact is stronger. So use protective creams and makeup with SPF 15.

Low temperatures and wind in winter suffer and lips  - they begin to crack and weather. In the cold season it is better to forget about moisturizing lipstick - remember about the supercooling of water in cosmetics? For the same reason, you can not lick your lips: first creates the illusion of moisturizing, and then they dry out even more. It is better to buy nutritional lipstick or lip balm with vitamin E and A.

Proper home skin care in winter is very important for her health and beauty.