New year's eve every woman wants to look like a Queen. For this you need to consider your image to chance. Important is not only the Christmas outfit. but and any to it makeup and manicure. What should be Christmas makeup 2011?

In fact, Christmas makeup 2011 is no different from the usual evening makeup. The only difference is that color makeup  are selected according to the colors and elements of the symbol of the coming year. 2011 is the year of the white metal Rabbit, white, yellow, silvery and golden shades correspond to it.

Start the makeup should be applying Foundation. There is only one rule: the tonal tool should be of high quality, and it must be applied correctly. In winter, it is worth to abandon the liquid foundation for tonal cream. Try not to use the tone of a dark shade with the effect of sunburn - in the fashion naturalness.

Then apply powder. New Year's evening make-up allows you to use powder with flickering particles, bronzer or blush with glitter. However, remember that tonal products with a shine effect are not suitable for mature skin - they emphasize wrinkles and small imperfections.

You can then proceed to the eye makeup. Christmas makeup 2011 suggests focus on the eyes. It is best to dwell on the always relevant style of make-up smoky eyes. Preferred eye shadow colors are white, yellow and gold, as mentioned above. These shades are especially suitable for blondes, brunettes can also supplement them with brown and bronze shades.

Since 2011 is also the year of the Cat, Christmas makeup 2011 allows you to experiment with "feline" images. Using black eyeliner, draw arrows on the eyes. giving them long, "cat's view". Don't forget to put eyelashes with two layers of black mascara. You can use false eyelashes.

Now you can go to lips make-up. Since the emphasis in make-up is on the eyes, the lips should be discreet. Suitable lipsticks are natural shades, for example, brunettes - flesh-colored, and blondes - peach. Outline the lip contour with a pencil that matches the color of the lipstick, and apply lipstick. Colorless lip gloss will help give them volume. To do this, put it in the center of the lower lip.

Christmas makeup 2011 can be in different styles. For example, is quite popular retro makeup. In this make-up, the emphasis is on the lips using colorful bright shades (scarlet, fuchsia, bordeaux). On the eyes are painted light, discreet shadows. It is very welcome false eyelashes, giving the image brightness and drama.

To create passionate and mysterious makeup  You will need shadows of unusual shades - for example, lilac, purple or orange. They need to be applied at the very edge of the eyelids, then carefully dye the eyelashes with two or even three layers of carcass. Lips make up a light pink pearly lipstick or shine.

Brilliant festive make-up work, if you use sequins or rhinestones. You can experiment with patterns of rhinestones for a winter theme on the cheeks or eyelids. Don't be afraid to get creative with this sparkling makeup you're guaranteed to be the center of attention!

And you can try on the image of cold and unapproachable The snow Queen. For this makeup you will need plum and pearl shades and a black pencil. Pearly shadows need to be applied to the upper eyelid and carefully shade. Parallel to the fold of the century, draw over the eyelid a line of plum shadows. In doing so, you need to draw a small arrow, slightly elevated toward the temple. To make the look deep, underline the inner eyelid with a black pencil. Densely make up eyelashes black ink, and lips - white pearl luster.

Another option  image of the Snow Queen, which is suitable for blue-eyed or green-eyed blondes, suggests a light tone, shimmering powder and shadows of cold shades. Effectively will look shades of lilac, bluish or silvery color with mother of pearl. Lips need to make up a pale lipstick pastel shades.