Evening dress requires not only properly selected shoes and accessories, but also installation. What way to choose? What hairstyle to choose? Today in the land of the Soviets — fashion new year's hairstyles 2011.

New year's hairstyles 2011 are very diverse, so you should be able to choose a hairstyle that will suit to your hair length and face type. Trendy in the coming year hairstyles elegant and extravagant at the same time. Asymmetric hairstyles from hair of different lengths again come into vogue, but long hair and medium-length hair do not give up their positions.

In 2011 will still be relevant curls  in any variations - both natural and curled artificially, both large curls and small curls. Curly is a very romantic hairstyle, suitable for gay and slightly frivolous people. Very slightly look slightly careless curls. If you naturally have straight hair, curls can be made using curling irons or curlers, and then fix the hair with the help of hair fixers. This hairstyle is suitable for hair of different lengths.

Lately in fashion retro. Therefore New Year's hairdresses 2011 is a retro style in all its manifestations. High hairstyles with flecks, neat curls, side parting. There are plenty to choose from! If you decide to make a side part, you can smoothly comb your hair behind your ears or stop your choice on soft large curls.

Not hand over their positions and braids. You can braid one thick braid and beautiful place it, for example, "basket"), and you can braid a few thin braids and decorate their hair — the choice is yours. You can weave a few braids, put them in the form of a crown and secure with Bobby pins. Tight braids are best suited for smooth hair. Special chic — rough textured braids.

If you like elegant and restrained hairstyle, make the beam  - it is always relevant. Beautifully looked and neat smooth beam and deliberately sloppy, from which outstretched curls. The smoothness of the beam will help achieve wax. If you want to make a bunch with curls that break out, thread the strands of hair into a curling rod, fix the curls with hairpins or invisible and fix it with lacquer. Very elegant looks a classic French bunch.

Timeless classics is a low horse tail. It is done very simply or quickly. To give this hairstyle originality, use unusual hair clips or elastic bands. You can tie a tail, slightly shifting it to one side, or release a curly curl from it. It is best to fix the tail with a varnish.

New Year haircuts 2011 can be made not only from long hair, because haircuts are back in fashion! Especially relevantBob  - both classical and asymmetric. A little "modernize" the classic bean will help oblique bangs or soft bend. Asymmetric bob looks volume thanks to different length of hair. Bob is a universal haircut for different types of face.

Fancy Christmas hairstyles can and should be decorated with a variety of accessories. for example, unusual bright hairpins with rhinestones, artificial flowers, feathers, false strands. And remember that the festive hairstyle should be in harmony with your evening gown - only then the image you conceived will be realized.