Women look forward to the holidays to impress others with their cocktail and evening gowns. Is there another time we can't dress fancy and stand out from the crowd? Just for "everyday life" there is clothing style casual.

In English the casual (read "casual") – "negligent, casual, informal". Clothing style casual ideal for those who want to look fashionable, but not willing to give up comfortable clothing. Admit to yourself how many times you wore uncomfortable shoes to impress others? Certainly not once and not twice, that we all sin from time to time (although why is it sin?). And the casual style allows you to be fashionable while remaining themselves and without sacrificing comfort.

In the case of a casual question "What to wear?" at the same time very simple and very complex. Very simple — because clothing style casual does not dictate almost no restrictions. Very difficult because a listing of clothes and accessories would be so long that it is easier to say that this style does not apply. Casual eliminates the pronounced elements of other styles — business, official, styles of different subcultures, etc. and also very very recognizable things in the style of famous designers. Everything else — please!

The basis of the casual style there is in every woman's closet. Of course, this jeans — convenient and practical blue jeans. They can go for a walk in the Park, to the cinema or for a pizza — and everywhere they are appropriate! Good news for those who don't like jeans with sequins and rhinestones: style of clothing casual does not tolerate excessive glamour and ostentatious sexuality. And to complement jeans can bright t-shirt or top, Polo shirt, knitted cardigan, jacket or jumper with V-neck. Can replace jeans miniskirt (no ribbons or bows and frills), comfortable knitted dress will also be quite appropriate.

Style casual clothing does not limit you in choice of colors, fabrics and styles. But remember that one of the main principles of this style — comfort and convenience. Therefore, if you choose a fabric, make sure that it was natural, soft and pleasant to the touch. When choosing a style, prefer unobtrusive and boxy silhouette. Well, colors in General can be either in casual style there is a place for bright contrasting colors and pastel shades — as long as you like.

Shoes in casual style needs to be first and foremost comfortable (what Americans call easy-to-wear) and fit the occasion. Can safely hide a beautiful but uncomfortable stiletto sandals in a box and wear your favorite shoes, sneakers, ballet flats or loafers. If not the heel quite well, did not do, choose shoes and boots with a comfortable fit and block heel. And the bag needs to be primarily comfortable and roomy.

And how accessories. Here is where to roam imagination! Glasses of different shapes and sizes, belts, earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings, necklaces, scarves and cravats. The range is wide. Even the usual classic men's tie has migrated into the style of casual clothing for men, slightly loosening the knot and finding the original colors.

Clothing style casual good because suitable for almost everyone. The clothes in casual style is practical, affordable and easy, but fashionable, stylish and original. The casual style is suitable for women with any type of shape you don't have to sit on diets and to exhaust yourself with workouts to get into-it is a beautiful dress just because it is fashionable and branded. Classic jeans, bright top, original scarf and bag and you are already in the spotlight. What do you think, rather than be interested in man: self-confident girl, tastefully dressed in a casual style, or girl in a fashion dress and high heels with a hunched back and bent over high heels legs? It is the same.

Someone style casual clothing may seem boring. It's not even the usual jeans and a pullover can absolutely transform you if you know how to competently combine clothes and accessories to pick up. The main thing — remember that the clothes in casual style should be simple, functional and comfortable. Wear casual and don't be afraid to experiment, while remaining a .