Sometimes we desperately want any change and we sit in a chair to the Barber with the words: "I Want a new haircut!". But to later do not have to cry bitter tears over the shorn curls, haircut need to choose right! How to choose a hairstyle? Some useful advice from the Country of the Soviets.

To choose a hairstyle correctly, you will need to know two things: your face shape and your hair type. It is these two factors that prove to be decisive, so to speak, from a technical point of view, although one can certainly not ignore the established style of dress (you try to imagine a tender romantic girl in a dress with lace and dreadlocks), features of the figure.

How to choose a hairstyle for face type?

To choose a hairstyle by the shape of the face can be guided by one simple rule: haircut needs to adjust the shape of the face. if it is not perfect. The ideal shape of the face is an oval - it is to this form that one should strive for when choosing a haircut.

In fact, oval face are any haircut. therefore, in this case the face shape is not the determining factor. A round face with well-crafted haircuts can be visually narrowed a little "pull". For round face  should choose a medium-length haircut, stepped haircuts (cascade or, as they say, "ladder"). In this case, the bangs should be lightly combed on the side or slightly torn - a straight even bang does not fit the round face.

In this way,when selecting haircuts for round faces generally it is necessary to follow this principle. the volume of haircuts should be increased where necessary, cover the hair with cheeks, avoid symmetry, open the forehead.

Triangular face shape  (face "heart") will help visually adjust the asymmetrical haircut, oblique parting, bangs, slightly covering one eye. The main task when choosing a haircut for a triangular face is to visually narrow the upper part of the face. Therefore, accents on the narrow chin or wide cheekbones should be avoided. Suitable short haircuts with slightly curled hair.

In the case of a rectangular face  the task of choosing the correct haircut is to visually contract the forehead and chin with a visual extension of the temples and cheekbones. Thus the general form of a hairstyle should be round.

Haircut for a rectangular face should not emphasize straight lines  such person. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid exactly cut hair, central parting.

For a square face should prefer oblique bangs and partings.  Short haircuts with a volume at the top are possible.

Most the problem is a pear-shaped face. when "bottom" is broader and "heavier", "top". To correct this, you need to very carefully choose a hairstyle. Will not work very long and very short haircuts. Welcome "torn" bangs. Desirable in this case, the haircut, the volume to the level of the cheekbones. Avoid direct parted, slick back hair.

How to choose a hairstyle for hair type?

Not every hair will fit one or the other of the selected haircut. So, for example, one and the same haircut on direct and curly hair will look completely different. So when choosing a haircut should be, in addition to the type of person to consider the type of your hair .

Thin hair in a long haircut looks "liquid", so with thin hair it is better not to get involved in length. Too short haircuts on thin hair risk creating a feeling of "plucking", which also does not add charm.

The best choice for thin hair — the “Golden mean”.  The recommended length of the haircut varies from earlobes to the middle of the neck - it is at this length that you can create a volume that lacks fine hair.

Hard hair  it is very difficult to lay-under your own weight your hair begins to "sag". Therefore, hard hair haircuts that require daily styling, are poorly suited. To refuse it is recommended and from short haircuts (a bob, a square), as hair will "stick out" in the different parties. It is better in this case, if the type of face and figure allows, to stop on a long or medium length haircut, without bangs.

How to choose a hairstyle according to the type of figures?

If, it would seem that a properly chosen haircut is still "some not so" and looks bad on its owner, it may not have been taken into account the type of shape when choosing this haircut. It turns out that shape features have a great influence on what it looks like in the end, the haircut .

So, short haircut "a boy" not very well looked on high girls and women — in this case, the head appears disproportionately small. Also not recommended haircuts are this kind of women and girls with "masculine" type of figure. Much more such haircuts are petite, fragile girl.

To high representatives of fair sex it is better to stop the choice on hairstyles in length to a chin or hardly below. Soft waves up to the shoulders are also good.

Straight long haircuts are not recommended to wear owners impressive volumes  - straight hair is only emphasized. But long wavy hair - please, they balance the proportions of the body in the right direction.