Each woman has her own preferred methods of depilation and hair removal. Many women prefer shaving as the fastest and least expensive method. However, this method of depilation has its drawbacks, the most common of which -after shave irritation.

It is the irritation after shaving that causes women to look for other methods of removing unwanted hair. Firstly, it looks ugly, and it turns out that all our efforts were wasted: our legs were shaved, and a short skirt can not be worn anyway. Secondly,irritation after shaving may cause ingrown hairs. with which it is even more difficult to fight.

Most often irritation after shaving — result of using bad shaving accessories. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right razor and make sure that its blades always remain sharp, changing the cassette in time (if you have a reusable razor) or the razor itself (if it is disposable).

What is dangerous stupid razor?   The fact is that when shaving the blade not only cuts the hair, but it can also grab a little skin in the process. The dumber blade, the more likely it is that you will not get ideally smooth legs, but cuts and irritation after shaving. Therefore, as soon as you feel that shaving is harder than usual, immediately buy a new razor or cassette.

When choosing a razor, pay attention not only to the sharpness of the blades. Many disposable razors are provided withstrips impregnated with aloe. Useful properties of this plant help reduce the risk of irritation - do not neglect additional prophylaxis.

In addition to the razor, it is very important to choose the right onemeans for and after shaving. Many women prefer shaving their feet with soap. But often soap does not help to provide a smooth and effective shave - the machine slips worse, and the skin after shaving dries up. In the end, hello, irritation! Therefore, instead of soap, it is better to use gel or shaving foam.

Most modern shaving aids include specialcomponents that help to soften the skin and make the shaving process easier and more comfortable. Most often it is vitamin E and aloe vera. But before using, it is advisable to make sure that you do not have any allergies to the gel or foam chosen (it happens that way). Do not neglect and the means after shaving, for example, a variety of moisturizing lotions. They struggle with dry skin and itching.

So, you have chosen the razor and shaving product. Now it is important to answer three questions: where, when and how to shave my legs. so that the irritation after shaving caught you off guard. The answer to the question "where?" Is simple -in the bathroom. There is no better ally for skin irritation than dry shaving. But when you shave your legs in a hot shower, your skin becomes softer, the pores are opened, and shaving the hairs is much easier.

The next question - "when?" - at first glance seems not particularly important. Well, what's the difference when shaving your legs? And there is a difference. Often we shave our feet in haste, just before we leave the house. If you do this too, do not be surprised later that you have a shivering irritation. The best way to earn irritation - it's right after the shower pull kapron tights. The skin should be given a rest and restored.Ideally, you need to shave your legs from the evening, so that during the night the skin has time to recover. If, however, you certainly need to shave my legs in the morning, you should start to dress 20 minutes after shaving. and not immediately.

Now we answer the third question - "how?". Most women confidently answer: "Against the growth of hair." Yes, so the hair is shaved much more efficiently. On the other hand, shaving against the direction of growth increases the likelihood of irritation, ingrown hairs and cuts. From this point of view, shaving your hair in the direction of growth is somehow safer. But here it is up to you to decide.

So, if you use a good razor with sharp blades, high quality means for and after shaving, shaving your legs at the right time and in the right place — irritation after shave does not threaten you. If even with all the rules, the irritation is not going away — it makes sense to go on reception to the dermatologist .