To create the image you created for the graduation was ideal, you need to dress. shoes. hairstyle and make-up to choose the appropriate jewelry. Do not think that expensive jewelry alone will make you irresistible - that they "play", they should fit organically into the image.How to choose jewelry at the prom?

We offer you some tips. First, jewelry for prom should not be the basis of your image. Their task is only to supplement and emphasize dress and hairstyle, and not "pull on a blanket." In addition, young girls rarely go massive jewelry with a mass of stones. Therefore, jewelry should not look too luxurious - "modest" does not equal "nondescript".

Second, no need to strive to wear as much jewelry  - You risk becoming similar not to a princess, but to a Christmas tree. Best of all, if some decoration (for example, a necklace) will be "central", and the rest will only complement it. If you are not sure that you can pick up the decorations on the graduation so that they fit together, choose your ready-made headset.

Thirdly,the choice of jewelry depends on which of your merits you want to emphasize. If you have a beautiful neck, then from jewelry you will be most suitable elegant long earrings (in combination with a high hairdo opening the neck). Graceful wrists emphasize the thin bracelets, and long fingers with fashion manicure - rings and rings.

Fourth, jewelry for prom should be combined with your outfit. If you have chosen a dress with a neckline, the main attention should be paid to selecting a necklace that emphasizes the cut in the dress, but does not make it too provocative. If you decide to complement the evening dress with gloves - you will have to give up bracelets and rings.

So, what decorations at the graduation party are most suitable for specific images? Let's try to figure it out. Let's start withclassics  - a long evening dress, pumps, restrained natural make-up. Very elegant and elegant image - and decorations should be the same. By evening dress will fit bulky jewelry (note: "bulk" does not mean "massive"). But do not forget about one of the tips that we gave above: let only one ornament attracts attention to yourself. If you have a chic necklace - then it is better to choose modest earrings-studs ("carnations"). And to large earrings with stones instead of a necklace is better to put on a chain. But the best choice for an evening dress is a set.

If you decide to put on the prombright cocktail dress. then you can "walk around". In this case, the decorations on the graduation can be very different: large earrings, unusual pendants on the chain, thin bracelets, put on several pieces at once. But here again you need to remember a few rules of good taste. Do not wear all at once - focus on some other decoration. Do not abuse jewelry with stones: they do not fit well with bright colored dresses, especially if the color of the dress and the color of the stones do not match. It is better to give preference to ornaments from solid metal. And do not try to combine ornaments from white and yellow metal - seldom who manage to do it successfully.

Lovers retro images  It is worth paying attention to the vintage "grandmother's" jewelry: darkened by the time silver rings, earrings and pendants made of turquoise, various cameos. If at home you do not have such "riches", do not be discouraged: artificially aged jewelry can be bought. But keep in mind that "retro" is a loose concept. To the image of "a la Marilyn Monroe" vintage jewelry is unlikely to fit, it is much more appropriate to remember the phrase "the girl's best friends are diamonds" (well, or at least Swarovski crystals). And to the dress based on the movie "Dandies" is more suitable for jewelry at the prom, and unusual bright costume jewelry.

To choose appropriate jewelry for prom not too difficult — just need a clear understanding of what look you want to create, and at least a modicum of taste. Choosing the jewelry or jewelry, remember: perfection consists of small things !