Intelligent, beautiful and sociable parrots are popular Pets. But when you buy a parrot it is important to remember that the bird is not a toy but a living creature that requires proper care. How to choose a parrot?

Before choosing a parrot, consider this: "pull" whether you keep birds. The content of any poultry is primarily a financial cost: a cage and accessories, food, a veterinarian. And, of course, you will have to give your pet time. In addition, all parrots are quite noisy birds, are you ready to accept it?

Still it is necessary to check if your household allergic to fluff. so that when the first molt of a parrot is not revealed that one of the members of the family is allergic, and the bird did not have to give.

If all the above does not scare you and you've decided to buy an exotic bird, you should know how to choose a parrot. To begin, decide what type of parrot is best for you. There are two groups, which can be divided all pet parrots are small parrots and parrots companion. To the small parrots are all well-known cocks. wavy parrots, inseparers. Bird companions are Jaco, Amazon, Ara, and others.

Parrots companion is much larger (wingspan can be up to a meter), this means that they need a larger cage and more food. With good care larger species of parrots can live over 50 years. So if you bought a companion bird - it's almost for life. But you should not be afraid of a parrot if you have a cat at home - if a budgie can easily eat it, the macaw parrot or it will not be too hot for it.

Small and medium-sized parrots live on less, to keep them simpler and cheaper. You should choose parrot small or medium breed if you have never had the experience in the content of parrots. If the house has children, it is better to give preference to Corellia, Roselle or a wavy parrot: lory and inseparers are more touchy and aggressive.

If you want to choose a parrot that you can teach to talk. note that some species of parrots are trained easier, some harder. His ability to mimic a variety of sounds are famous for parrots. gelesene Amazon and Jaco.

Having defined the form of a bird, you need to decide where to choose a parrot. Best place to buy parrots from breeders or for exhibition. So you can find out the exact date of birth of the bird, get information about the correct content of a particular species of parrots. But you can go to the pet store. Never buy parrots from your hands - you can slip a wild and / or sick bird imported into the country illegally.

When buying pay attention to the conditions in which poultry. A dirty cage, an empty feeder, a drinking bowl with dirty water are the sure signs that a parrot should not be bought here.

So, you've come to the breeder or pet store. How to choose a parrot among a dozen similar-looking birds? When choosing a parrot is very important the age of the bird. To make it easier for you to tame the parrot. it is necessary to choose a young bird not older than 5-6 weeks. But too young "yellow-throated" birds can not be bought: caring for them is not an easy task.

Also important the appearance of a parrot  - on it you can determine whether the bird is healthy or not. To select a parrot, observe the bird that you liked, and pay special attention to:

  • Feathers. They should be shiny, clean, tight. On the body of the parrot should be no bald spots. Bald spots, and dirty feathers, stained undigested food or droppings — a sign that the bird is sick.
  • Eyes. They should be clean, clear. Or fogged glass look, discharge from the eyes, growths indicate health problems.
  • Veskovitsu, beak, paws. They must also be clean, with no growths, skin, secretions, etc. should fit a Parrot clasp claw perch.
  • The wings and tail. The wings should be located symmetrically and be snug to the body, not "podpisa". Note the presence of all of feathers.
  • Anal opening. It should be clean without any redness, discharge, growths, stool.

Also note behavior of a parrot. Small parrots are usually more active and sociable, they jump on a perch, chirping with the other dogs. Large — more staid, often sitting on one paw and chew on nuts or fruit, slowly crossing from one paw to another.

If the parrot sitting on one leg, eyes closed. then he is asleep, this is normal. But if the bird sleeps so constantly, and the rest of the congeners at this time - no, it is necessary to select the parrot more actively.

As you can see,select parrot correctly is not too difficult. Just first you need to decide on the kind that suits you best, and then go to a trustworthy seller and choose a young and healthy bird.