The correct bra not only the best accentuate what you have bestowed nature, but also to prevent health problems that can arise from wearing uncomfortable underwear. How to determine your bra size. to select the model you want?

Studies have shown that many women choose the wrong bra size. So, women with large Breasts often tend to choose too small of lipicky, and women with small Breasts — on the contrary, too large. The wrong size of bra can be the cause of health problems. so it is very important to choose the right size underwear.

Bra size is marked numbers and Latin letter. for example, 80 C. In this case, 80 is actually the size of the bra, depending on the girth under the chest. And the letter C denotes completeness (the size of a cup of a bra). The size of the cup depends on the difference between the breast volume and the girth under the breast.

When measuring the girth under the bust the tape should be tight. To find out what size fits your chests, you can learn from the following table .

Bra size depending on the girth under the chest

The underbust girth (cm)

Also for choosing a bra is importantCup size. As we have said, it depends on the difference between bust and underbust girth. Chest girth need to be measured wearing the ideal setting for you bra (no push up, foam, etc.). The tape should be held horizontally and freely fit to the protruding points of the chest, not obtiva too tight.

Subtracting from the circumference of the chest under the chest girth, you will be able to determine the Cup size. Usually Cup bras are labeled Latin letters   from A to H (AA and DD markings are also found). For convenience, we presented the cup sizes in the form of a table.

Cup sizes bra

But note that it is not enough to know your bra size. Even if the size of linen you seems to fit, you can not buy it without trying: the shape of the breast each woman's individual. and even a bra of the right size can sit ugly or be uncomfortable.

The correct bra   should not squeeze the chest either on the sides or in the decollete. The tape under the breast should not crash into the skin too much, the same applies to the straps and bones.

Wearing a bra, pay attention to the situation of the most exposed points of the chest. they should be exactly in the middle between waist and shoulders. If they are offset higher or lower, this bra does not fit you.

And, of course, the bra should demonstrate your breast in the most favorable light: widely planted in his chest — a little pull to the center, low — lift, too heavy to support. But you can't sacrifice comfort for beauty!

As you can see, to determine the size of the bra is quite simple. But this is only a rough guideline that will help you to weed out obviously unsuitable linen. If you want to choose a good bra — you will have to spend a lot of time in the dressing room, but the result is worth it. We hope that our article has helped you answer the question of how to determine the size of a bra.