The phrase “boho style” we associate primarily with the Bohemians — free artists, creative intelligentsia, which is alien to the framework and rules. Over time, the boho style came from the Bohemian environment of the podiums and started from fashion trends to become a way of life.

The word “Bohemian” comes from the geographical names of Bohemia. This region was inhabited by Gypsies, a free nomadic people who were alien to the rules and conventions. The French called the Bohemians — bohémiens — artists who, like Gypsies, deny commonly accepted values   and aspired to a carefree life.

Since bohemia did not raise money to the cult, their earnings were very volatile. Dressed representatives of the bohemian, respectively. At the dawn of the formation of the style, their wardrobe consisted mainly ofGypsy skirts and dresses, faded jeans and shirts “a La hippy”. Over time, designers have become interested in this style, and the boho-style has ceased to be the hallmark of a particular social stratum.

Modern boho style is fancy an eclectic mix   many other styles: hippies, ethnic style (gypsy, oriental, Indian motifs), military style. Depending on the predominance of this or that style, the bocho-style is divided into currents: new hippies, vintage, even bomstyle (especially it is common in America).

At first glance it seems that to create an image in the style boho-chic is quite simple: what should we create artistic mess? In fact, boho style requires its adherents taste. Nothing is as orderly as a thoroughly and thoughtfully crafted art disorder in clothes. You should change the sense of balance - and your image from the trend will become tasteless.

Basically, boho style is no limit in the selection of things, but there are several key garments. which always remain relevant. These are fluffy cotton skirts and sarafans in the floor, embroidered tunics embroidered with beads and stones, shortened jackets and vests, tight jeans, baggy knitted and crocheted cardigans.

The most common accessories is a large body jewelry, large sunglasses, wide belts with studs, hats (straw, Fedora), bulk bags, decorated with rivets, straps and fringe. Typical shoes — sandals, flat shoes, cowboy boots and uggs.

Accessories, by the way, should be the most expensive items in your image in the style of boho-chic. It is considered bad manners to dress completely in one brand or copy images from the catwalks. Boho style is style of people who value a bright personality. who are not afraid to mix different styles and directions when creating a unique bright image.

In recent years, the boho style is becoming more of a lifestyle than a style of dress. If in the last century boho-chic was a lot of careless Bohemia, now his followers are different active citizenship in relation to the environment. Boho-style is increasingly approaching the eco-style. A girl dressing in the style of a Boho, in choosing a dress, make sure that cosmetics do not harm the state of the environment.

Among the boho are many vegetarians and vegans, fighters for animal rights, actively opposed to wearing clothes made of genuine leather and fur. By the way, it's not cheap to be afraid, becausethings from materials, causing the minimum environmental damage. are not so cheap. Synthetic jacket will cost much cheaper than its green counterpart of the same color and style.

But the boho style is not the exclusive preserve of the rich. In fashion vintage clothing with a history, so if you get from the chest is very beautiful and a little it'll move (or leave “as is”), you will not be condemned — on the contrary, it is welcomed. The terms associated with re-use and stirring by clothing — restyling, redesign, refashion and even trashion (combination of words trash – garbage and fashion   - fashion) - firmly entered the fashionable vocabulary of the boy-girls. Handmade work is also appreciated - hand-sewn and related dresses. So the handmayers of the Boho-style fit perfectly well.

Boho style long ceased to be the prerogative of the creative class. Now boho-chic is a style of self-confident people who value freedom and individuality   and strive to live in harmony with the world around them.