Oh, I do not want to leave the warmth and to wear a coat or jacket! And want to look stylish and stunning in rainy autumn and frosty winter? You don't have to buy a lot of outerwear. Enough to get a vest. Country Councils will tell You about fashion trends of this fall and winter fur vests 2012.

Last year fur vests were in Vogue. They are ideal not only as outdoor clothes for the street, they can be worn in the office, dressed for an evening outfit in a restaurant or simply used as warm clothes for a trip to the dacha or into the woods.

Designers fashion collections "fur vests 2012" prefer natural furs. The palm of the championship is held by fur from sable and mink. If you can not afford such expensive furs, you can choose cheaper variants of vests from a fox, beaver or fox. They also look great, and the quality of the material is not inferior to expensive products. Very popular was rabbit fur. But not everyone knows that this material is not very tosy, so it is better to give preference to artificial fur.

Colors of the products in this season is quite affordable. Designers of fashion houses agreed that fur vests of 2012 should be of classical colors: brown, black, white, gray. For lovers to stand out and there are bright shades. Valentino presented a vest of emerald color, Balmain - lilac. Also, designers focused on the color print. For example, designers from Armani presented a model of fur vest from artificial fur with leopard coloring.

By the way, fur vests 2012 I repeat the texture of lamb's wool, Astrakhan fur, Fox, mink, chinchilla and Alpaca. As you can see, the choice of fur and texture is very diverse.

Trend new this season are fur vests with hood. Chic hood are easy to replace headpiece and perfectly complement Your image.

Fur vests are so firmly established in fashion because they are versatile and suitable for any figure. But in this case it is necessary to choose the correct length of the waistcoat and fur texture. Thin girls can wear short waistcoats with a snake-snap or button. Choose fur vests so that they reach only the level of the waist or belt of trousers. You can choose a vest made of fluffy or smooth fur. As an accessory, use a belt that will accentuate your waistline.

To hide some figure flaws, your choice should be stopped on models of sheared fur. Prefer the waistcoat up to the middle of the thigh. The loose cut of the fur waistcoat will smooth the waistline and hips, and the belt will add elegance to you.

Since fur vests 2012 are considered universal clothing, they can be worn instead of coats. Short models of fur vests fit well with dresses, jeans and trousers of different lengths. Also, you can safely wear a vest along with a sweater, a turtleneck or blouse. Fur vests must be worn with high boots or ankle boots. If you want to wear a vest and a cold winter, you can dress it on top of a jacket or a long coat.

Some stylists recommend to wear fur vests with long gloves that cover the elbow. If Your wardrobe has a wide-brimmed hat — wear it boldly, as this version is just win-win.

Fur vests can be perfectly complemented with various large-scale costume jewelery. You can supplement your outfit with a small handbag with a pendant. Note that the bag should not be fur, otherwise these two products will "conflict" with each other. The best way out in this situation is the use of a waistcoat and handbag made of fur of the same texture and color.

As you can see, fur vests 2012 perfectly fit into the wardrobe of any fashionista. Combine the vest along with other clothes and always be on top!