Essential oils are constantly used in aromatherapy — a method of combating diseases by a certain aroma. Certain essential oils used to combat stress and improve overall health. The land of the Soviets tell you how to use essential oils for weight loss .

The use of essential oils for weight loss, is primarily intended to deal with stress. It is known that women are prone to overweight problems precisely because of overeating, when the body is in a stressful state. Under the influence of stress in the body, too much insulin is produced, which leads to the desire to eat something sweet. Therefore, you should first determine the cause of excess weight: overeating due to stress, insufficient removal of fluid from the body or metabolic disorders.

Note that essential oils for weight loss can help to eliminate all of the above reasons. The main thing is to know the properties of oils. Some oils are excellent against stress, others - promote the normalization of metabolism, and others - are used against cellulite.

The most common use of essential oils for weight loss is the taking baths. It is the bath with essential oils that is considered the most effective way of aromatherapy. In the bath water for weight loss you can add essential oils of juniper, grapefruit, lemon, lavender. bergamot, mandarin, geranium, patchouli, rosemary and lemongrass. Choose the essential oil that you like.

For one bath you should add 5-6 drops of oil. It is best to use oil with emulsifier. which has a dissolving effect. As the emulsifier used milk, cream or honey. Without the use of an emulsifier, the oil will float on the surface of the water, so the area of ​​contact with the body is significantly reduced. To increase the effect of essential oils, you can add a handful of sea salt to the water. It has long been known that with the help of sea salt, you can fight excess weight and remove toxins from the body.

For aromatic baths can use a mixture of various oils. Various formulations of essential oils will contribute to the speedy normalization of metabolism and dealing with stress.

Another problem that appears in women after weight loss is stretch marks. Essential oils from the stretch is also quite effective. To combat stretch marks, grapefruit oil is considered to be the most effective. With the constant correct application of grapefruit oil, the stretch marks become less noticeable or completely disappear. Of course, a long stretch of grapefruit oil will not be able to clean.

Essential oils help to get rid of the hated cellulite. So, essential oils against cellulite are used during the massage. After a few massage sessions you will see that the "orange crust" has become less noticeable. Anti-cellulite massage can be done both in beauty salons and at home. For anti-cellulite massage, it is best to use ylang-ylang oils. jasmine, lemon. cypress, mandarin and grapefruit. You can also use other essential oils from cellulite: olive, sandalwood and pine.

Suggest You try the following blend of essential oils. which can be applied to the skin. Two tablespoons of olive oil mixed with oils of Mandarin and lemon (two drops), bergamot and sandalwood (three drops), pine, juniper and grapefruit (four drops).

We also offer the following compositions for aromaland. which will help you to fight not only with excess weight, but also cellulite:

  • two drops of the oils of cypress, fennel and juniper
  • two drops of oil of black pepper, lemon and sage
  • two drops of the oils of geranium, fennel and rose oil

Don't forget that essential oils for weight loss can not solve all your problems. so it is not superfluous to follow your diet. Take for the rule of including in your sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables. And of a large number of sweets, of course, should be discarded.