The skin is our outer shell that first takes the brunt of the negative environmental factors. Of course, in youth on dry skin is not greasy and ugly eels. But the fact that the care of dry skin require more careful, because it very quickly gets old and fades.

Dry skin is quite common. Already twenty-five years, it loses its freshness, becomes flabby. Small wrinkles appear on dry skin much earlier. Unfortunately, this process is inevitable, but it is possible to do something by organizing proper care of dry skin.

Insufficient activity of the sebaceous glands leads to the production of less fat. than required. Grease grease is a natural lubricant for the skin. If too small amount of the skin evaporates much more moisture. In adolescence such dry skin looks just fine, because the problem of acne during puberty and disappears by itself. But eventually you have to start using different makeup, because a constant feeling of pulled skin is not leaving never. Most of all, because of the suffering face, because the skin there is very thin and sensitive.

Caring for dry skin requires special. The fact that such the skin is very "capricious". On the one hand, it does not tolerate excessive moisture, so the daily care is best to use a small amount of good quality cosmetics.

You should also know what dry skin does not tolerate at all. So, you want as seldom as possible to visit sauna and exercise. Refrain from using scrubs and masks solidifying. Refrain from testing a variety of new cosmetic products in the winter. Apply different gel preparations in combination with a suitable dry skin moisturizer.

Dry skin is very sensitive to loss of moisture from the body. Any external factors that can lead to dehydration, should also be avoided to the extent possible. This includes exposure to the sun and wind. Central heating in winter, very dry indoor air. So your skin doesn't dry out, use a humidifier. You also want to avoid any alcoholic beverages and laxatives tablets.

Carefully choose cosmetics that you will use. Cosmetics for dry skin should not contain alcohol. Use various creams that contain collagen and elastin. These substances very well affect the skin condition. Rinse cosmetics only milk or cream makeup remover.

Day and night cream for dry skin should also be chosen very carefully. After a light day cream should always be a base for makeup. After full absorption into the skin, the cream creates a protective film and prevents moisture to evaporate. Choose a day cream, which include vitamins, extracts of cereals, honey.

Night cream for dry skin needs to be oily. But don't add too much. Better apply a thin layer of cream to the skin could quickly absorb. Prefer the semi-synthetic skin composed of ceramide, fatty acid and vegetable oil. Additional substances, such as extracts of algae, aloe, vitamins A and E are also great will affect dry skin.

You can also take care of dry skin with various oils. Can do a great mixture of these components: macadamia nut, coconut oils, Shea butter, beeswax and rose water. Also on the skin an excellent impact jojoba, avocado, evening primrose, almond, sandalwood, lavender, etc. Prepared with mixture stored in a dark bottle. Oil is applied on clean slightly damp skin.

To moisturize the skin also you can use a different mask. Very well shown fruit mask of strawberries, raspberries, apricots and peaches. Can also yolk mask made from 1 yolk and 0.5 tsp of olive oil. Try to add in your masks, milk, olive oil or fresh cream.

Thanks for a good article. I have dry skin especially on the hands. And in the spring from lack of vitamins and even cracks on the hands are. I know that for dry skin greasy cream is a good choice. Sometimes butter and olive oil. But there is also a good remedy cream for dry skin Lanova. It is not greasy, works so that covers the skin with a film that prevents moisture to evaporate. On the face pleasant. Especially after oily creams.

Thank you!The article stimulates you to do your skin.And then lo and behold, pension is not far off:). So take care of the dress again, as they say.
I love the natural cream. Nothing more natural than cream for dry skin with lanolin – Lanova haven't seen it yet. Most importantly, helps skin regeneration, especially after 35.

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