Retro style in clothing is becoming very popular, because the designers decided to resurrect those old times, when women were not skinny mini dresses and dresses with wide skirts. You want to stand out from the monotonous crowd of people and to look unusual, then I suggest you to pay attention to dress in the style of 60's.

You think the designers every year to come up with something new? Actually it is not, because the great trendsetters before creating collections inspired by the works of other artists. No, do not think that this is a trivial copying of the cut of clothes. As an example of imitation designers take the work of great fashion designers and trendsetters. And retro dresses always serve as an inspiration for designers. And no wonder that in modern fashion, the demand for outfits that were popular 50 years ago is returning.

Fashion designers fashion 60-ies was guided by the idea of creating romantic dresses. which as best as possible would emphasize the natural beauty of the female figure. Please note that dresses in the style of the 60's most often sew with a fitted narrow bodice and a wide developing skirt with a huge number of backing layers. Such an image of an elegant woman for a long time sat down in memory of all of us. But nothing hinders us to look as beautiful and elegant as women from the past.

Especially now became popular for various parties. which are usually held in different styles. The planned retro party will not look like it was designed, not only without dresses in the style of the 60's, but without special accessories. After all, additional details should emphasize your retro style, rather than look like they are from another time.

To correctly dress in a retro-style first you should pay attention to the style of dress. The silhouette into an hourglass shape was at that time in Vogue, so it is logical to stop the choice on this style dresses. While the layered bottom of the skirt added volume. Were in fashion sleeves "three quarters", but you can also stay on the model with short cuffs.

But style dresses of the 60s can also be tight fit. perfectly emphasizing the silhouette of a woman. In this case, the dress must necessarily have a deep neckline and the skirt is slightly longer than the knee. Look at how the fashion-makers of those times looked like - Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe. You can try to repeat their style.

For dresses in the style of the 60's is typical the use of bright saturated colors. But do not forget about the patterns on the fabric. Many models were made of fabric in flower, peas or cage. Especially popular were various small or large flower patterns, which in any case looked bright and impressive.

A great addition to your outfit in style, the 60s will classic shawl or scarf. Also pay attention to the shoes, because at that time were in fashion comfortable shoes with low heels. Do not use a large quantity of jewelry such as necklace or bracelets. For retro it is not the case. Instead, stop your choice on the belts, which were decorated with almost all models of dresses. It can be wide or thin belt that will emphasize your figure. To complement the image, use small handbags or clutch bags.

So you can imagine the image of a woman of 60 years. You do not have to match it, so can experiment with your appearance. After all, you can look not only fashionable, but also stylish. We advise you to try to combine the silhouette of an hourglass with a skirt just above the knees. But also dresses in the style of the 60's can be harmoniously combined with modern fashion hairstyles.

Of course, dress in the style of the 60's cannot be called at this point the casual clothes, because they can sometimes look completely out of place. So save your costumes for theme parties. But if you want to wear your dress constantly try to combine it with modern style .