Mesotherapy is a new and very effective procedure for skin rejuvenation and body hair restoration. Hair mesotherapy very popular not only among women but also among men who have problem with baldness.

Hair loss is inevitable.{!LANG-72a4b9c46a50c81c867507dc2b1efcd6!}

At the moment there are many types of mesotherapy, which aimed not only at improving the hair but also the skin on the face, abdomen, thighs, décolleté{!LANG-b6c2e9b27b5bd351d7dc15d65abc27dd!}

Of course, it is possible to resort to other methods of restoring hair growth: there are various creams, shampoos, ointments{!LANG-443b48fb6b117013b1280cf7d265a932!}

A course of mesotherapy for hair consists of 8-10 sessions{!LANG-e3b583261829efd856a4fa782f171fbc!}

What is the procedure? {!LANG-d3ff94c30b271c7bc45abf69073d1cfe!}. Depending on the hair condition of each customer choose different drugs mixed into cocktails. But mainly in the formulation of any cocktails for mesotherapy of hair include zinc, b vitamins and amino acids. With these components you can not only prevent hair loss but also to normalize their status. Melanin is another component that is part of the cocktail for mesotherapy. This feature prevents graying of hair and accelerates their growth.

Mesotherapy of the scalp almost painless procedure{!LANG-88950afd76d3f27f390d223ad4704861!}

Of course, immediately mesotherapy for hair will not give great results. Only after some time you will be able to see the desired effect{!LANG-688d8b717b81ffbef1f87ff1ebd19d6a!}

But still it is worth remembering that hair mesotherapy is not suitable for everybody. The main condition — this is a live hair follicles. If the follicles are already dead, then no amount of drugs can't help, even mesotherapy. If they are alive, to restore their normal operation is always possible. In addition, there are a number of contraindications for the use of mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy for hair: contraindications

Never one should not exclude the possibility of Allergy to certain drugs{!LANG-7eaa6567926d1f884920b58e466aaf28!}

Remember that after each session of mesotherapy for the hair you cannot wash your hair for two days{!LANG-64acf5fc3b5eb3a4bfeaeb78ac024729!}