Romantic ringlets or curls naughty? With some small women's tricks even owner direct from nature hair can afford it. Traditionally, hair curler, apply curlers or Curling irons — Curling. How to wind the hair on the Curling iron? Useful recommendations divided the country of the Soviets.

To wind the hair with a Curling iron is a quick and easy, and therefore very popular method of Curling hair in ringlets. Curlers are requested to cheat on your hair, then you need to wait quite long until the curls "grab", and after you need also to remove the curlers, so as not to ruin the curls. With Curling much easier.

Electro-sneeze-ployka affect the hair with high temperatures.Under the influence of the temperature the hair is easy to accept the necessary form and we can keep it long enough. If you use special styling products, the effect of iron that is made using Curling irons, can be very long.

To wind the hair with a Curling iron, you must wash and dry her hair. Curling Curling is performed only on completely dry hair! Then apply a thermal protective product for hair — it will prevent damage to the structure of the hair under high temperatures. No styling products, like mousses or sprays to the hair is not necessary.

How to wind the hair with a Curling iron, will depend on the characteristics desired hairstyle. So, with the help of Curling iron you can create tight curls, soft waves of light, the "chips" etc. To complete the hairstyle, you may need to cheat at Curling all the hair or only some strands.

If you need to curl with Curling all the hair, convenient first divide the hair into several main areas. Through an imaginary line from ear to ear across the highest point of the head should comb the ponytail to split the hair into two parts. The lower part of the occipital area.

The upper part need to be divided into several zones. To do this, all of the same comb-tail you should make a side parting on both sides of the head. Partings are from the top of the frontal troughs to the parting separating the upper and the occipital area of the head (this parting is also called sagittal). In the result, the upper zone is divided into three zones: frontal-parietal and two temporal zones. Hair in each of obtained zones should be fixed with the hairpin-crab or barrette-clamp.

After the hair is divided, you can proceed directly to winding the hair on the curling iron.We must start from the nape. The hair of the occipital area must be separated by one or more horizontal partings — depending on how tight you should get a curls. Thicker hair strands are, the weaker you get a Perm. On average, only the thickness of the strands equal to about 2 cm.

Wrap the hair with a Curling iron is carried out sequentially from the bottom strands to the top. To start winding, you need to take a strand (just 2-3 cm) lower horizontal row of hair of the occipital area and to run the wrap as follows.

  • heated Curling iron positioned vertically at the roots of the hair (needs a little retreat from the roots, so as not to burn the scalp)
  • the prepared strand of hair to take to the tip and pull perpendicular to the roots
  • click on the handle of the clamp the Curling iron and spiral wrap the lock on the Curling iron from roots to ends
  • after the strand is wound the handle of the clamp is released, the strand will be fixed
  • after no more than 20 seconds a lock should be careful to promote.

This approach should be consistently all to wind the hair with a Curling iron. Each strand is finished you can sprinkle it with hair spray. When all the hair is wound again you can sprinkle it with hair spray, and then you can start forming the intended hairstyle. After that beautiful curls are ready!