If you want to follow the latest fashion trends, it is important to follow the fashion not only for clothes, shoes and accessories, but also hairstyles, makeup and manicure. To your spring manicure to match the latest trends in the fashion world, the land of the Soviets tell about fashion nail Polish 2012.

Harper's Bazaar, the oldest fashion magazine in the world, introduced its readers the latest trends of fashion manicure. The country of the Soviets will tell its readers what will be the fashion nail polish of 2012 according to this authoritative edition.

The main trend of spring 2012 is a nude manicure. Fashionable neon colors that prevailed in past seasons, give up their positions, and on the foreground come cream, beige and other shades, as close to the natural color of the skin.

Delicate, soft shades of gray, white, pale pink and beige profitable set off the bright clothes and accessories, fashionable in this season. Perfectly applied varnish pastel shades and oval nails   - the pledge of a fashionable manicure that will make your fingers look longer and more affectionate.

So, Derek Lam offers a nude nail Polish in transparent Golden shades. Giorgio Armani prefers cream and beige shades. Marc Jacobs prefer pinkish and yellow tones resembling the color of the inner surface of the shell. Phillip Lim offers manicures in a transparent pink color, brand The Row – in a subtle, milky-white, the fashion house Rochas – sweet honey tones. Ralph Lauren   gives preference to feminine classics - French manicure.

However, fashion nail Polish 2012 may be brighter, because not everyone likes the manicure style nude. However, bold and sometimes extravagant neon hues gave way to the classic saturated colors. The main trend of spring 2012 is pretty and feminine manicure. To your fashion image was flawless, the color of the nail polish should match the color of the shadows and lipstick.

Fashion house Chanel offers nail Polish, designed in a rich pink color. Donna Karan prefers darker colors, for example deep Burgundy (burgundy — the color of noble red wine). Christian Dior offers to use nail Polish cherry color combined with a lipstick in the same shade. Brand Milly prefers coral color, and Jason Wu   - shades of red, popular in the 50's.

But fashion is not only shades of red. Create manicure, imbued with a vintage spirit, will help the nail Polish shade Chartreuse   (a greenish-yellow tint of the famous French liquor), at least, so believesKaren Walker.

Despite the General restraint of fashionable manicure this spring, you can add the silent brilliance. So, fashion brand Dsquared offers manicure with glitter, and to protect your real nails, sequins better to glue on nail tips. Fashion nail Polish 2012 in the opinion Missoni is chrome holographic Polish that creates a mischievous and Flirty way. And fashion house Alexander McQueen prefer to create light with a reflective pearl finish.

Patterns and figures on nails, varnish is made of two colors will also be fashionable this spring. Preference is given to a restrained geometric and abstract patterns. So, Ruffian offers fashion lunar manicure is yellow, decorated with two dark stripes, arranged crosswise. A fashionable manicure from Nicole Miller is the geometric severity of the cells, soften using nail Polish in bright colors — pink and purple. And Wayne   offers a drawing on the nails "Black Swan": the base color of the manicure is white, and the tips of the nails are painted with light strokes of black color reminiscent of swan feathers.

Fashion nail Polish 2012 in the first place has a natural color. Whatever the shades were not used — soft pastel or deep and rich — they should be natural. Fashion nails spring 2012   Do not shock, he attracts attention with his restraint and naturalness.