Despite the fact that the classic dress for school graduation are considered long evening gowns. many graduates prefer them short cocktail dresses. Fashion short dresses for prom 2012 very diverse and every girl will be able to choose an outfit to taste.

Short prom dresses 2012: styles

Short dresses, in contrast to the long, suitable for girls with different body types: the correct style and length will help to disguise the flaws and in the most favorable light to represent the dignity of the figure. Will be good as mini dresses, and models medium length   (just above or just below the knee).

Will be particularly fashionable mini dress strapless or with the strap over one shoulder. Hide flaws figures will help short prom dresses 2012 with high waist. In such models, the overstated waistline is emphasized by a wide belt (sometimes with a flower decoration) or beaded.

However, the drop waist is also relevant: will be dresses with a full skirt and corseted drop-waist. Two more actual models of short graduation dresses this season are dresses collected by an accordion along the entire length, and mini-dresses with a transparent chiffon train.

But the real hit will be retro-style dresses 50 years with a high waist and a full skirt. Optimal length - just above or just below the knee, more elegant version - a dress with a lush skirt to the middle of the roe. It is not necessary to choose a dress that resembles exactly what our grandmothers wore: the main thing is an overstated waist and a sumptuous skirt that will convey the spirit of the era. Such dresses can be monophonic or decorated with a floral pattern, but the most fashionable option is a polka-dot dress.

A compromise between long and short graduation dress is a dress length above the knee, but with a train. From the front, such a dress reveals slender legs, and the train gives elegance to the graduate. Very beautiful looks monophonic dress, the underside of the train is decorated with a print - floral or animal - executed in the same color scheme.

Short dresses for prom 2012: colors and materials

This year in fashion light flowing fabrics. chiffon, satin, silk, organza. Of these, almost all models of dresses are sewn. In fashion, dresses made from a combination of two fabrics of the same color, for example, a matte bodice and a satin shiny skirt.

The actual rich finish sequins, crystals and stones. Usually the bodice of the dress is decorated. Note that if you decide to choose a dress with a rich finish, its cut should be as restrained as possible.

In the fashion dresses of bright saturated colors. pink, red, yellow, blue, blue, turquoise, green, orange, fuchsia. Do not be afraid to experiment and stand out! However, black and white classics and pastel colors (beige, ivory, powder color, rose ash) are also acceptable.

If you want your prom dress remember, try a bold combination of black, white and red. Will look spectacular, for example, black and white dress in the style of the 50s with a bright red belt and the same bright red color fatinovy podobnikar, slightly peering from under the broad skirt and give it the fluffiness.

This spring, the fashion floral prints and motifs. touched this fashion trend and short dresses at the prom dresses 2012. You can choose both a model completely covered with a floral pattern and a dress in which a floral print skirt is combined with a monophonic bodice.

When choosing the prom dress, it is important to consider one thing: short prom dress should not be provocatively sexy. Your choice for graduation is an elegant and elegant dress. Still, the graduation is an official event, vulgarity does not belong here.