Such a brilliant and alluring their sparks manicure with foil are very popular now. To repeat this miracle trying every girl. But, on the one hand, do not always have the necessary materials for this. On the other hand, for this manicure requires some skill and ability.

Manicure with foil actually is not very difficult. But for its implementation, you naturally need a special foil. The usual foil, which we use for baking, will not work, because it is too thick. So buy a gold foil. Gold foil is sold in specialty stores. In this case, you can choose between a sheet tear-off, embossed foil and foil in the form of thin strips. Your choice will depend only on exactly what you want a manicure. Also you can buy a special foil with a protective film, which is removed after gluing the foil to the nails.

Work with gold foil snap, but this should be done very carefully. Gold foil is so thin that it is very easy to break. That's why it is not recommended to take it with your hands while doing a manicure.

How to do a manicure with foil

Now talk more, how to do a manicure with foil. First, select the design of the manicure you want to make. In this case, pieces of foil can be the shape that you use for manicure.

So first, carefully cut the foil in the desired shape. Work with very sharp scissors, as the foil can easily be damaged. Also, try not to touch the cut pieces so as not to tear them. When everything is ready, you can start a manicure.

No matter what kind of manicure with foil you want to do, technology will always be the same. First, apply to cleaned of old varnish and grease the nail varnish-basis. If it's white, let it dry thoroughly. Then apply the nail Polish, the color of your choice. While the nail Polish is not fully dry, you will need to apply the foil. It is therefore better to do a manicure each nail in turn.

As you know, hands can not touch foil. Small pieces you will still fail to believe correctly on the nail, but you only have one attempt. If the foil does not lie properly, it will not be possible to move it, because it will break. To take the foil and put it on the nail, you will need an ordinary turundochka. Moisten the turundochku in water and with her help pick up the foil. Then put the foil on the nail in the place where it should lie. Dry the end of the turundochki level the foil, so that it does not leave wrinkles.

If you see that foil does not stick to the nail. since the varnish could already dry, do not despair. Drip to the place where there should be a foil, a little varnish and attach this piece.

Now allow varnish to dry completely. The final layer of the transparent fixer will not allow the foil to wear off or damage. And the additional shine with your nails will not hurt.

By the way, there is another way to create the perfect manicure with foil. You should paint your nails your chosen varnish. Give the lacquer-based to dry out. Next, you will need not only foil, but a special glue. Apply the nail glue for foil. You can paint the glue shape. Wait for the foil adhesive will not be fully transparent. Don't worry, it still has sufficient adhesion. Only now can take a piece of foil and attach it to the nail. To create a intricate pattern you can press the foil to the nail with a needle. Where the foil is well pressed, it will stick. Now you can remove the foil with tweezers. Let's see what the original pattern is left on the nails!

If you want to completely cover the nail with foil. then it should not be pressed with a needle, but with a turundock. Then you can properly and smoothly glue the foil to the nail. The finishing touch is a layer of clear lacquer.

This manicure using foil over. Create your own unique nail design. And do not be discouraged if you cannot do a manicure with foil immediately. After some training and practice you must succeed. .