Not all are well tolerated sun. Even if a person feels comfortable on the beach, the skin is not always able to smoothly move the sun. Our prudent and cautious grandmother learned to tan at home. The methods are pretty simple and safe.

Tanning is not always helpful. Creams, which are offered to you in cosmetic departments, are not suitable for everyone. Girls often do not read tips for use, which causes problems. Some rub the cream for autosunburn in large quantities on a small patch of skin, trying to rub it all over the body. Alas, the focus will not work, because the cream instantly absorbed and begins to act. In addition, before using the cream for autosunburn, you need to use a scrub, otherwise the tan will turn out uneven.

I do not better in this case to use the people's money. Let them not as saturated as creams, but you will know for sure that your skin does not face chemistry. Tanning homes is achieved with the help of exceptionally pure natural materials. Cosmetic self-tanning is harmful because it puts the skin in shock. After using such products, the skin becomes faded and dry, it takes a long time to restore it.

Before using folk remedies stock up cream or oil. To grease your elbows, knees, fingers. Those places where there is a bend, you need to handle the home tanning very carefully, because the tan should not quickly get off due to movements.

Tan at home you can get with a scrub and ground coffee. Coffee must be fresh. Half a Cup of coffee should be mixed with two tablespoons of shower gel. Note that the shower gel, to whatever skin it was not intended, can dry the skin, which contributes to coffee. If you already have dry skin, better to use cream instead of gel. Don't go overboard with this bronzer. Only twice a week, you can use a similar solution. Do not overload the skin, despite the fact that we use only natural materials.

There is another way to ensure a safe tan at home. Use black tea leaf. Pour the tea leaves with boiling water and let it brew into the broth. Ready brew should be poured into a warm bath. It is recommended to add sea salt to the bath, which is the catalyst for the process of such a peculiar sunburn. The bath should be taken no more than twice a week.

After applying both methods of home tanning it is necessary to lubricate the skin with body oil or fat cream. First, this facilitates an even tan, and secondly, makes the skin elastic and relieves you from microcracks.

Despite the safety of all the above methods of sunburn, remember that from the sun you still have to protect your skin. Use sunscreen always, so as not to spoil the skin over the summer.

Tan at home is to date, even fashionable. Fortunately, women are already convinced of the harm of tanning beds. And it is not profitable to sunbathe for money, if the house can tan no worse.