Beautiful hair — in itself a beautiful decoration for a woman. Many holders of such hair do not like frilly wedding hairstyles in which the hair fail to appreciate — they are highly stacked, but still hidden under the flowers and other decorations. Therefore quite popular wedding hairstyles with her hair.

Wedding hairstyles with flowing hair seem simple, but look very impressive. They help to create natural and romantic image. emphasize the youth and freshness of the bride.

But despite the seeming outward simplicity, these hairstyles are not always simple to implement: just comb the hair and attached the veil is clearly not enough to create beautiful wedding hairstyles. At least a month before the wedding you have to do a "rehearsal" hairstyles   and check how it will keep the shape.

Wedding hairstyles with her hair suited to owners with any hair. long and short, straight and curly. For brides with short hair, such hairstyles are usually the best option, the same applies to those who possess unruly curly hair: it's easier to beat natural locks better than to try to straighten and tame the curls.

However, if you decide to choose a wedding hairstyle with your hair down, keep in mind that your hair must be healthy, well-groomed, shiny. This applies, of course, to any hairstyles, but on the loose hair all the shortcomings are seen more clearly. If you have any problems with hair, you need to take care of proper care long before the wedding.

Deciding to change the hair color, not paint before the wedding. test the new color in advance, if the experiment is successful - just a couple of days before the wedding, just refresh the hair color. And if you do not like the color, you will still have time to fix it.

Wedding hairstyles with her hair is very diverse, but conditionally they can be divided into several types. The first type quite simple, but looks quite refined: hair pulled a pad in the form of hair, and the roots gives them volume.

The second type   - Styling, in which the hair on the parietal area is divided by flagella, paths or weave. Often, the hair along the entire length is decorated with decorative flowers.

The third option   - Hairstyle with curls and falling strands. Here the corrugation and spiral styling perfectly fits. A perfect choice for owners of curly hair. But in this case it is necessary to use styling means to strengthen and consolidate the natural curl.

One of the most popular options   - a combination of loose hair and waving with the effect of wet hair.

Most often hair loose hair decorated with tiaras, flowers are also popular — live or artificial. You can still decorate your hair with headbands, sequins, pins, beads, ribbons, feathers. Just don't overdo it — pay attention to your flowing hair and jewelry. The veil can be used, but you can do without it.

Note that the chosen hairstyle should match your type of face, as well as the time of the year. If you are going to get married in the summer, maybe your hair is loose - not the best choice. In the summer heat, this hair style will quickly lose its appearance. It is very important to use only high-quality professional styling products.

Whatever hair style you choose, you must remember that the hairstyle should match with the dress, accessories and makeup to your wedding image was harmonious and whole. So, if you chose a wedding dress in the Greek style, the hair must also be designed in the same style. Then you certainly will be the most beautiful bride!