Peculiarities of keeping and feeding the parrot depend not only on its type but also from sex. To determine the sex of a parrot can be difficult, because many species of the parrot family sexual dimorphism is weak. But still there are ways to do it. How to determine the sex of a parrot?

Perhaps the most popular homemade parrot is budgies and cockatiels. The sexing budgies we have dedicated a whole article, so stay on corello. More or less it to determine the sex of cockatiels parrot  can be at the age of 12 months. By this time, coloring begins to differ for males and females.

The male standard (gray color) the color of the feathers pearl-steel, females — dusty grey. can have a brown tinge. The head of females is completely gray, in males it has a rich yellow color in front. Also, the males on the cheeks have a "blush" - spots of bright red-orange color, in females it is weakly expressed.

Have Corell, yellow (places) to find out the sex harder. But the females at the bottom of the tail has dark transverse markings rich yellow hue, and on the inner surface of the wings, oval spots of a darker shade than the main tail. The hardest to determine the sex of white Corell. In females, sometimes there is a light lining on the tail and spots on the wings, and males may have brighter cheeks.

Very easy to find out the sex noble green and red parrot (Eclectus). because they have a very different coloring of females and males - so much that they can be mistaken for different species. The feathering of the female has a red-cherry color, and the abdomen, the lower part of the breast and the margin of the wing are blue-violet. The iris is yellowish, the beak is black, and the legs are bluish. The males are more variegated: the main color is green, and in the plumage there is blue-blue, yellowish-green, red. Iris orange, beak multicolored, legs gray.

To determine the sex parrot parrots can be by the color of the spots on his cheeks in the birds. Females Roselle these spots are grayish and males have white. Other signs difficult to notice a single bird, you need to compare male and female. Males are brightly painted, they have a larger head and more massive beak.

Males ozherelkova parrot  there is a "necklace" (a rim around the neck), the females are deprived of it. But this rim appears only at the age of 2-3 years, so to know the sex of a young parrot will be difficult. Also in males brighter than females, plumage and beak are colored.

Have pink chested ringed parakeets (Alexandrian parrot)  It is possible to distinguish a male from a female by the color of the beak. In females, the beak is completely black, the males only have black connecti, and the upper part of the beak has a red color.

The hardest to determine the sex of medium and large parrots  (kakadu ara.zhako, etc.), because they have females and males that look almost identical. It is possible to observe the differences only by comparing two, or better, several birds. Usually the females of large parrots are wider than the pelvis and setting the legs.

The head of females is more neat and compact form, in males it is heavier. Also males have a more massive beak with a broad base. Males are usually more active and talks than females. Females: more "economic", they can carry in its beak, feathers, scraps of paper for future nests. But all these methods do not give 100% guarantee.

Have light cockatoo  you can determine the sex by the color of the iris: in females it is light brown, in males - dark brown, almost black. But if you do not have much experience in determining the sex of a cockatoo, without comparing two individuals to determine the sex of a parrot the cockatoo may not be so easy.

Unfortunately, to reliably determine the sex of a parrot is very, very difficult. If the species of parrots no obvious differences, like Eclectus, little difference between males and females becomes visible only after puberty. And purchase parrots usually "teenagers", after the juvenile moult, after a young parrot easier to tame. The most accurate way to know the sex of a parrot is a laboratory examination. but it is not cheap, and not all clinics conduct such examinations.