If you want to from long hair to short, make it simple: just go to get a haircut. But again to make short hair long, are more complicated: you either need to wait until they grow back, or they can be a costly procedure. Today there is a great alternative to such methods is false hair barrette.

False hair barrette is a convenient solution for a quick increase of the length and amount of hair. Such hair perfect for when you need to quickly transform short hair into long. for example, for a wedding or birthday. After pinning slips of hair on the head to do with them as you would with your native hair to curl, braid in braids, etc.

False hair barrette is also often called tresseme. Hair pieces represent the strands of hair of different lengths and widths with a special silicone pins, which performs a fastening hair extensions to real. When properly selected shade of hair extensions to distinguish them from their own is practically impossible, because false hair barrette are usually made from natural hair.

The advantage of using hair extensions on the pins compared to other technologies of hair extension is, besides speed and convenience of attaching the strands, and even the use of such hair even when very short haircuts. Only need 5 mm to secure the strands on "native" hair.

When a certain fixing of overhead strands of hair on the head does not take more than 5-7 minutes, and it can be done at home. For fastening of the strands need only comb.

To start mount overhead strands at the nape.   Using a comb with a tail, it is necessary to separate a strand of moderate thickness at the nape of the neck. The rest of the hair is lifted upward and fixed with a clamp ("crab"). The parting part should be even.

Need take a wide strand hair extensions (with 3 pins), to open the silicone clips. Slip a lock to attach to the previously separated strands of his hair at the nape, making sure that the teeth of the clips locks onto the native hair. Pins to close consistently.

The next step is the separation of even one strand of your hair. From the attachment strands of the invoice need to step back about 3-4 cm and to perform a horizontal parting. This place will attach the next strand of hair. Now you need to take a lock with 4 pins. The fastening is similar to the previous strand.

Next, you need to pin to your hair the wide strand of hair. To do this with a comb or fingers to make a parting from ear to ear passing through the middle of the head, the rest of the hair to stab with a clamp. Bill strand is attached similarly to the previous two.

Depending on the length of "native" hair, these steps may already be sufficient to achieve an acceptable result. Otherwise, you should continue mount overhead strands according to the scheme.

After mounting all the overhead strands barrette hair from short become long, and now they can carry a beautiful hairstyle. There are a lot of hairstyles designed especially for false hair on hairpins: such hairstyles will allow you to get the most natural look and hide the attachment points of the hairpins.